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The New International Men’s Shops to Know

  • Kempt Staff


In our grand tradition of keeping you up to date on the international men’s shop scene, we’ve scoured the globe for the newest openings in your regular haunts—you know, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, the usual. Because you never know when you’re going to need a new pair of swim trunks en route to Bali.

Here are the latest updates to your already-dapper international rolodex of men’s shops...»

The Manifest Destiny of Northern Grade

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

Northern Grade

Our friends at UrbanDaddy have tipped us off to the westward expansion of Chicago’s notoriously dapper heritage pop-up market, Northern Grade.

They’re setting up shop in the Bay Area this weekend, and it’s fixing to be the stuff from which sartorial dreams are born. Think raw selvage denim from Cone Mills by way of Tellason, Horween leather riveted into exceptionalism by the gents of Rancourt & Co. and just about all the chambray button-ups and oxford suiting a man’s closet should require.

So if you’re in the San Francisco area, stop by. Have a drink. Eat a pizza. And procure some new duds from the top purveyors of Made-in-the-USA handsomeness.

Slightly inebriated menswear browsing is the best kind of menswear browsing.

Your International Guide to the Newest Men’s Shops

  • Najib Benouar

Men's Shops

Worldliness can have its advantages and its drawbacks—knowing the time conversion for Tokyo without hesitation, for instance, isn’t going to help you when you’re in Moscow and in desperate need of a new pair of trousers. And since we’re always here to lend a helping hand, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the newest menswear shops that have sprung up in the past few months in your regular haunts—you know, Moscow, Honolulu—as well as places you might not find yourself too often. Consider this an update to your already-dapper international rolodex of men’s shops.

Your guide to the newest men’s shop openings across the globe.»

Back to the Warehouse


As the economists say, it’s a recession when your neighbor loses his favorite vintage store and a depression when you lose yours. Well, we’ve got some bad news for you…

Houndstooth Vintage, one of Brooklyn’s best men’s vintage shops and our own personal Halloween costumer of choice, has closed up shop as of last week. You’ll still be able to get your hands on their goods by appointment through their blog—at the moment, they’re pushing a batch of vintage belts—but the days of stopping by in search of a vintage tux are over. Fare thee well…

The Sleeping Bear


Speaking of far-flung style outposts, Fred Perry recently opened up an eastern flagship in Moscow, and it’s one of the best store designs we’ve seen in quite some time.

Of course, Moscow has seen better days, so the Fred Perry folks dig into the seedy past of the Eastern capital with oriental rugs and a secret exposed-brick shoe lounge. It’s not bad for the most British Brand on Earth, especially since one doesn’t usually associate Fred Perry with this level of luxury. But Muscovites might be too canny to buy into it.

Nice digs are always good, but we’re guessing they’re more used to getting those briefcases off a street corner.

Take a look around»

Going East


Monocle knows their way around the continent a lot better than we do, when they start listing shops, we start taking notes.

The latest piece on their 20 favorite retailers (via PSFK) held more surprises than most. The stateside entries are reduced to New York’s Odin, L.A.’s James Perse, and San Francisco’s Bi Rite, but the best finds are from a bit farther out.

Osaka usually misses out on the West’s Japanophilia, so it’s good to know about Truck Furniture. But most of all, we’re happy Beirut’s Johnny Farah is getting some love. Farah used to consult with Donna Karan, and his handbags still find their way into boutiques around the world, but his flagship shop is in Lebanon, where the artisinal cobbling tradition never went away, and you can get a pair of hand-crafted shoes unlike anything you’ll find in London or Milan.

See the list in full»

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