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Miranda Kerr Is Gonna Make A Change

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Brolin on the River: Josh Brolin stars in Band of Outsiders’ fall campaign, shot on a Polaroid by Scott Sternberg himself. [The Daily Beast]

Lines Drawn: How a political cartoonist views an election year. (We can hear his palms rubbing from here.) [The Atlantic]

Writing’s on the Jowl: Could Shia LaBeouf’s epic transformation into the anti-movie-star have been predicted by the evolution of his facial hair? An investigative report. [Vulture]

Staying Abreast: GQ regales us with the 50 most memorable chesticles in movie history (yes, in 25 slides, math whiz). [GQ]

Sympathy for the Devil


The internet’s already expressing its displeasure with Wall Street 2 in various channels—including the shocking revelation that most Wall Streeters wear neither pocket squares nor ties—but we thought we’d weigh in on one small absurdity: after Madoff, Lehman Brothers and everything else, Oliver Stone seems to trust bankers more than ever.

Without succumbing to any spoilers, we’ll just say that this entry finds Mr. LeBeouf crusading for green energy through (what else?) high-powered finance capitalism. And it turns out not to be such a bad idea. It’s enough to make you forget that the original focused mostly on the Street’s propensity to chew up and spit out.

For all the love directed towards Mr. Gekko, who remembers Martin Sheen, the wise union man urging the kids to make something real instead of living off the buying and selling of others? It’s a surprisingly relevant thought for the age of workwear and DIY. You just won’t hear it at the movies.

Rebel, Rebel


Not all of J. Crew’s collaborations are on the racks. This week, they launched a microsite with GQ dedicated to “rebel style,” with J. Crew merch giveaways on the side. (At least you’ll know where to spend it.)

The premise of the microsite is a 30 day crash course in becoming a “well-dressed rebel.” We aren’t sure if Shia LeBeouf is quite what comes to mind when we hear “well-dressed rebel,” but their guest, Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders, is a little closer to the mark. The biggest saving graces are the Vice Records soundtrack and bizarrely Godardian titles, both of which give the enterprise a lot more cred than it deserves.

There are a few unexpected tidbits, like Sternberg’s preference for short-sleeved dress shirts, but so far, the advice is pretty much what you’d get from the magazine—like popping the top button, sticking with upscale cotton suits, and curveball footwear. Then again, the site only releases one video a day (starting the day you sign up), so we’ll have to wait until September to get to the thrilling conclusion.

Christy on The Shore, Men's Vogue on a Diet, and Toxins on Your Scalp


Beach Blanket Bingo: Vanity Fair's "Beach Please" spread features some favorite photographic subjects on the world's best seashores. It's as good an excuse as any to run old shots of Christy Turlington doing yoga. []

Who Wears Tighty Whities Anymore?: Well, us. But only when we've forgot to wash our boxer briefs for the last two weeks (today, for instance). [Disco Valente]

Permanent Style: Some things never go out of fashion, even when they do. [Art of Manliness]

Chemical Industry Cover Up: After reading the ingredients in Just for Men hair-coloring gel, you'll probably decide to go gray with grace. [Wired]

Commercial Break: Because we love you guys, here's a pictorial history of Guess ads. [BWGrey Scale]

No Shia: Finally, an activist shirt we would actually buy. [Fashionably Geek]

Slim Down: Not only has Men's Vogue shrunk, but one of their writers is freshly trim, and they just lost 210 pounds of Avery (though 120 pounds of Mort goes a long way). [Gawker]

Ana vs. Shia, Dude Pants, and Bureau Shuts its Doors


International Trade Imbalance: Italian GQ gets Ana Beatriz Barros and we get frigging Shia LaBeouf. There is no justice in this world. [Horny Oyster]

One Leg at a Time: There was a time in history when a simple pair of pants could make any guy into a full-fledged "dude". [Animal]

Man of the Evening: How to dress like a gigolo. Use this information carefully. [Style Salvage]

The Class of 2008: The Westminster Graduate show displays the deft designers and crazy creators of tomorrow. [Brandish]

Well That Was Fast: Just as we were getting into Bureau, they slam the doors in our face. Seriously, we'll miss you guys. [DNRNews]

You Don't Look a Day Over 95: An enlightening tour of the Converse Century. [Hypebeast]