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Cameron Russell had Nothing to do With Starting That Fire

Men of Style: Tommy Ton continues to track down the best-dressed men in Milan for a candid snap. Killing it. [GQ]

From the Foreign Correspondents: The big menswear trend to emerge from Pitti Uomo: waterproof blazers. +J wins again. [Esquire]

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We’re In It for the Deerstalker Caps: A gentleman’s guide to Sherlock Holmes. [AV Club]

A High Bar, Vice Presidential Watches, and Sherlock Holmes


Passing the Bar: Our favorite Israeli supermodel has inexplicable difficulty getting into the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. [NYPost]

Biden, Joe Biden: Omega watches are just one more thing James Bond and our Vice President have in common. [Luxist]

Solid Gold: Speedo is standing by Michael Phelps after Kellogg’s dropped him over the bong-laden snapshots. Doritos should jump on this. [The Cut]

Elementary: The Times is not happy about the state of Sherlock, but anyone who refers to “The Real Sherlock Holmes” with a straight face has earned a link or two. [The Moment]


We’ve known about Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie, but the fine ladies at Jezebel were kind enough to draw our attention to this picture of the leading man (the inestimable Robert Downey Jr.) in full costume.

Unfortunately they were more interested in his coffee cup than his ascot, but we’ll call this one a victory without seeing another frame. Between the striped waistcoat—which has a touch of Mr. Smith about it—and the finely checkered pants, we’re ready to declare Dr. Holmes the unlikely style icon of the year.

Plus, bowlers are coming back in a big way. And the usual double-brim is so last century.

It Does a Body Good


One of our favorites from this summer’s capsule show has popped back onto our radar. Mjolk just gave us a peek at their Autumn/Winter line and, just like at the capsule show, we like what we see. The Sherlock-Holmesy overcoat in the middle has a nice, shoulder-heavy silhouette and we can never see enough flannel. Pay particular attention to the small-collared, high-waisted fellow on the right. It’s a look you’ll likely be seeing more and more of.