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Charlotte Bruge Can’t Take Her Eyes Off the TV

  • Kempt Staff

When in Doubt, Wear Sunglasses, Man: A Bob Dylan style guide according to... Bob Dylan. Words to live by. [Four Pins]

Third’s a Charm: Vulture catches up with Total Recall’s original three-breasted lady (we mentioned in the August Issues) and she bares all. [Vulture]

Strong Curves: Getting personal with one of the most spectacular cars in production: the Shelby Cobra 289 FIA. [Autoblog]

And Soft Curves: Miranda Kerr celebrated her post-pregnancy rebound with a handful of tasteful body shots. (And by tasteful, we mean totally, stark naked... as a jaybird... you’ve been warned.) [Unfinished Man]

The Man Who Built American Muscle

  • Najib Benouar

The sun has set upon another legendary Texan. You’ve likely seen his name emblazoned on the back of a Mustang GT or obsessed over his automotive masterpiece, the Shelby Cobra, or maybe even picked up a packet of his expertly spiced chili powder blend. (It’s one hell of a legacy.) The man ran on pure guts and octane—when he was a race car driver, and later in life when he changed the face of the American sports car industry. So we’d like to salute Carroll Shelby with a few iconic photos of the legend standing next to his legendary works of art. (And Steve McQueen, in the above.)

A look back at Mr. Shelby and his cars.»

Shelby Gets The Green Light, Tattoo Jew, and Miranda Gets Greasy


Mean Green Machine: Who says hybrids have to be slow? Not Shelby, that's for sure. [Wired]

No Smoking: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes it's a pointlessly complex electronic device. [Crave]

Kosher Ink: Seems you can still get buried in a Jewish cemetery even if you're tattooed. Hide your "No Fear" brand from the world no longer. [NYTimes]

Downgrade: Miranda Kerr switches from Orlando Bloom to the greasy scuzz who first called Lindsay Lohan "firecrotch." Meanwhile, you are charming, polite, fresh-scrubbed, thin and alone. [Popcrunch]

User Friendly: Man, that Mac guy gets all the starlets—all the starlets. [D-Listed]

Lady Law: Señor ACL picks his favorite men's style rules set down by Consuelo Castiglioni of Mari. [A Continuous Lean]

Going Both Ways: See, you can become the womenswear model you always wanted to be. Dreams do come true. [Jezebel]

Topping Out: British mom-and-pop store, Topshop, continues to roll out the goods. [The Pipeline]