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Style Icons Getting a Close Shave


By now we’d suspect you’ve already made a good deal of headway into your spring-cleaning checklist.

Congrats on that.

Yet there’s one area you may have overlooked that deserves some serious attention: your face and the beard (or beard-like situation) you’ve let grow wild on it during the colder months. While you’re very well allowed to continue cultivating the scruff—if you think the UV protection will outweigh the heat your cheek-blankets are sure to retain as the mercury rises—you still ought to make sure you’re keeping it tidy.

So, for a little seasonally shorn motivation, take a few cues from stylish men who’ve been known to pick up a razor of their own, after the jump...»

Five Upgrades to Your Shaving Arsenal

1001KMT_Hed_Updated With the onset of October, fall is looming close. Here at Kempt, that means serious prep work: we’re rewaxing our canvas, lacing up our boots and pressing our finest woolen suits.

With our wardrobes on lockdown, we’d be remiss to overlook the necessary tools required for managing autumnal facial scruff.

However tempting it may be to simply grab a Bic and proceed, there’s a whole slew of grooming excellence out there to consider. We’re here to help you navigate.

Herewith, five upgrades to your shaving arsenal...»

Getting Back to Grooming Basics


The average size of a sink top hasn’t changed much over the past 50 years, but with the dizzying array of modern grooming products out there nowadays, yours probably feels a lot more cramped than granddad’s.

It was a simpler time then, sure, but you can still find shaving cream in a can, a good bar of soap and a classic stick of deodorant in any drugstore in town. And you can sure as hell bet they get the job done—which is why they’re still around, some going on two centuries, and usually still selling for old-timey prices (a bonus for anyone stretching his grooming budget).

Allow us to show you the finer points of embracing the classics.»

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Smelling Like a Barbershop

You know the scent: that first whiff of razor dust and talc that hits you on your way through the barbershop door, along with a certain lemony tonic smell. It’s the same in nearly every shop, and every time it puts us in the same nostalgic mood.

The good news is, they bottle it.

It’s called Pinaud Clubman and it’s been occupying an unassuming corner of your local drugstore for two centuries now. And while we’re usually interested in the more modern end of the fragrance world, it’s hands-down one of the most classic scents in the world of man, combining a strong hit of alcohol with lemon, jasmine and all manner of unobtrusive odors.

In short, it smells like a freshly shaved man (200 years of incidental aromatherapy tends to leave an impression). And since it’s about as expensive as shaving cream, it’s also good news for anyone stretching his grooming budget.

Hulkamania in Autumn

We don’t like breaking the hearts of our readers, but TMZ is reporting that Hulk Hogan is shaving his trademark mustache.

The iconic blond handlebar has lorded over Hogan’s face like a peroxided Arc de Triomphe during his 12 runs as a world heavyweight wrestling champion (and oddly, as owner of the most popular 900 number from 1991-93). But as much as it hurts, we’re going to give this news a tentative endorsement.

Naturally, we have our reasons...»

Grooming on Film: Rounders

A great shave can work wonders.

And if you’re in the middle of a five-day poker binge—with no time for sleep—it might be the best thing to keep you on your feet.

That’s the premise behind one of the more charming moments in Rounders, when Matt Damon and Edward Norton pause in their relentless pursuit of a $15,000 bankroll, and stop by a barbershop for an old-school shave.

Let’s just take a moment to savor it...»