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Shanina Shaik Is Concerned About Her Roomba

Shanina Shaikvia WBE

The Female Perspective: Some of the sharpest women in the game weigh in on what to get your lady for Valentine’s... assuming you haven’t already made a preemptive strike. [Valet]

Slub and Tussah: Derek Guy digs up a tie brand selling nearly Drake’s-quality shantung ties at half the price. [Put This On]

The Train Rolls On: After the great man’s passing, Details digs up a vintage profile of Don Cornelius in his dotage. A thing of beauty. [Details]

Lost in Translation: One more beautiful Italian menswear brand. Fair warning: the text is also in Italian. [Men’s Reverie]

Edy Williams is a Practicing Cat Masseuse

edywilliams_crop.jpgvia WBE

In the Army Now: Valet tracks down the modern version of Travis Bickle’s army jacket. [Valet]

The Raw Feed: An ode to shantung silk ties. Keep your eyes peeled, gentlemen. [Sartorially Inclined]

Naptime: A quick rundown of the great nappers of history, including Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali and Napoleon. [Art of Manliness]

A Film is Gonna Come: A Sam Cooke biopic seems to be in the cards. We beseech you: don’t fight the feeling. [/Film]