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Sex Seconds, Baby’s First Fur & Palin Wallpaper


The Opposite Sex: The movie you couldn’t sit through now is now the DVD she can lock herself in the bedroom and watch on loop. Beware the hours of Sex and the City bonus features, and don’t get too comfy—the sequel is coming. [HuffPo]

Insult to Injury: After allegedly promising PETA to omit animal fur in forthcoming collections, Giorgio Armani rubs some mink in the wounds by designing fur-laden gear for infants. [The Cut]

Wall to Wall: It may not be Sarah Palin red, or have small pictorials of the American manifesto, but here’s some wallpaper that isn’t unpleasant [Apartment Therapy]

What Sourcing?: British design duo Albam refuse to outsource their manufacturing to Chine for minimalist menswear. See an interview with the boys after your chin is removed from the floor [Monocle]

Gisele Gets Wet (Kinda) and Men Go to Sex in the City (Maybe)


Gisele Wears Naught But CGI Water: Damn you, Photoshop! [Popcrunch]

Sonia Rykiel Closes Men's Line: And we're not going to stop her. [VogueUK]

Blue-Blood Style: 2108 Vintage releases sweaters for those Ivy League shits who've been making your life miserable (not that we're bitter for being waitlisted). [AnimalNY]

Blue-Collar Style: Way on the other side of the economic spectrum, our boy at ACL revels in 1940's workwear. [A Continuous Lean]

"Why Are Straight Men Seeing Sex and the City": They are? Really? Are you sure? [Gawker]

Cannonball!: Finally, some good advice on swim trunks. [Hint]

Deal Alert: Get down to Opening Ceremony and Acne you dirty, dirty hipster. [Racked]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Matthew Broderick

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

It's officially the season of the single-breasted peak lapel suit—which suits us just fine. Once solely confined to the realm of bespoke, this snappy style dating from the 1920s has enjoyed a revival of late, as our two newest MOTHs can attest.

On the heels of Josh Brolin and his dapper D&G number comes Matthew Broderick in an equally alluring black birdseye wool model, worn to the premiere of David Mamet's new political play November the other night. Like Brolin, Broderick eschewed a necktie, opting instead for a signature stripe Paul Smith scarf, the stylishness of which we can personally attest to since the very same model is often found adorning our own neck this time of year.

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