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The Gentleman’s Guide to Sleeping with Exes

Sex with an Ex

As happenstance would have it, one day you might run into that girl you dated sophomore year. Or post-college for a month or two. Or whenever. And after a quick catch-up over coffee, she’ll invite you to dinner. But you’ll just know she doesn’t mean dinner in the traditional sense.

Though food might still be involved, if you remember correctly.

Wait, why did you break up again? Doesn’t matter. You’re both single, and over each other, and she’s got legs till Saturday. This is your moment. Do something crazy. Hell, maybe even call it “closure.” But before you go ahead and bury the hatchet, so to speak, we’d like to set up a few guidelines to help you survive such a risky endeavor unscathed. Besides, we wouldn’t want this to end like last time, now would we?

For that express reason, we’d like to present to you: The Gentleman’s Guide to Sleeping with Exes...»

Victoria Lee Has Forgotten Her Pants

Victoria Leevia WBE

Mr. Browne Speaks: A typically cagey Thom Browne interview, including some minor dirt on Mr. Peanut. [The Talks]

Between the Sheets: Three anonymous actors dish on the messy business of shooting a sex scene, including the ominous “acorn syndrome.” [Vulture]

The Amphibious Bicycle and Other Strokes of Genius: Photos of 27 of the strangest creations ever built, from the radio stroller to the mysterious Loetafoon. [Brain Pickings]

A Good Cut: Ratio Clothing is offering up a custom US-made shirt for under $100, which is more than enough to get our attention. [Well Spent]

Klara Wester Is Handing Out Anonymous Puffs

Klara Westervia WBE

The Breakdown: The designers and shop-owners of the world strike back against that “how much a shirt costs” breakdown you may have seen. [Well Spent]

Tearing Up the Yellow Brick Road: Elton John owns a cherry red 1965 Jaguar E-Type. So naturally, Driven wasn’t going to rest until they had a few pictures. [Driven]

I Hope You’re Flexible: There’s a new edition of the Kama Sutra bound for shelves, and the cover is... interesting. [Creative Review]

Northern Sole: A heartfelt case for buying good British shoes—in case you needed any extra encouragement. [Permanent Style]

Michael Schmidt Respects the Chin

via Michael Schmidt

The Sex Poll to End All Sex Polls: A flash-powered snapshot of the British population’s sexual tendencies. Airplane sex is less common than you might think. [The Sexperience 1000]

The Bright Sock: Advanced thoughts on trad socks. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Dogtown: Airedale’s S/S collection is handsome, but we’re confused by the lack of dogs in the lookbook. [Selectism]

Sign of the Times: Have we reached the point where we’re making hipster mechanical lubricants? Yes. Yes we have. [Lost at E Minor]

Eva Green Would Like You To Zip Her Up

The Monks are Double: An interview with the gents behind Run of the Mill shop, and those cutaway oxfords that have been making their way around. [SwipeLife]

Plaid in Full: Apartment Therapy surveys the state of plaid in America. [Apartment Therapy]

Home Run: A sharp new watch collection dedicated to, for some reason, Reggie Jackson. [A Timely Perspective]

Nice Try, Firehose: A personal essay offers a glimpse into the private pain of the well-endowed. An excerpt: “I don’t hate my big penis. I just hate what having a big penis means to everyone else.” We've all learned something today. [Good Men Project]

Lydia Hearst is a B-Movie Scientist

Tyson on Tyson: Mike Tyson bares his soul: “Objectively, I’m a pig.” On the upside, they let him hug a little girl. So there’s that. [DETAILS]

Not Kidding: Stop whatever you are doing right now and go watch For a Few Dollars More. [A.V. Club]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Public Sex: Esky drops some wisdom on having sex in places where sex is not usually had. We’d add this: maybe bring a blanket. [Esquire]

Wise Words: A generation of web folk pass on the wisdom they’ve picked up along the way. Sadly, very little of it concerns public sex. [The 99 Percent]

Argentina Plays Sexy Football

  • Shawn Donnelly


This is the latest installment of The World Cup According to Kempt™, our series on the stuff that really matters at this summer’s tournament in South Africa (kicking off June 11).

Good news for the man you see pictured here, Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuaín: he is allowed to have sex with his girlfriend during the World Cup. This according to team physician Dr. Donato Vallani, who told Radio Del Plata, “The players can have sex with their wives and girlfriends during the World Cup.” The only stipulation is that “it should not be at 2 a.m. with champagne and Havana cigars.”

Vallani apparently does not subscribe to the same theory as fictional boxing trainer Mickey Goldmill, who famously told Rocky Balboa, “Women weaken legs.” It should be noted that Argentina possesses some of the most prolific scorers in the game…

Sharon Tate is Today’s Favorite Throwback


The Fearless Vampire Hunters: World’s Best Ever pulls together the best vintage snaps of Ms. Sharon Tate. [World’s Best Ever]

It Sells: is up for sale, and soon to become the most expensive url in internet history. Where’s our rich uncle when we need him? [Epicenter]

Missionary Cola: It’s getting harder and harder to find a brand name that isn’t also an obscure sex act. [Ad Age]

Hot Stuff: In praise of the hot washcloth. Those Japanese businessmen definitely know what’s up. [Esquire]



This one is for advanced gifters only, but if you’re intimately familiar with a particular gift-worthy acquaintance—and she’s got an appreciation of carefully considered design—this might be just about perfect.

It’s called the Form 2, and judging by the cleverly cordless charging system, it’s staking out an early claim as the iPod of vibrators. It’s also waterproof and stereophonic (hence the name) and comes with packaging impeccable enough to be a pleasure to unwrap. The first of many, naturally.

Sean Lennon May Be Missing the Point


Home Again, Home Again: Terry Richardson takes Sean Lennon into seriously Freudian territory. [Refinery29]

Grilled: Google starts tracking the value of luxury goods like jewels, precious metals, and unusually good coffee. [GoogleBlog]

Under the Mattress: You asked for a wallet made from a mattress…and the internet delivered. [JoshSpear]

Out of Your League: Talking to attractive women may render you temporarily less intelligent. In other news, talking to unintelligent women may render you temporarily more well-read. [Neatorama]

Clutch City


The fine folks at the Trojan company—to whom we owe so much—have indulged their inner Kinsey with a survey of American sexual activity, and the results are eye-opening to say the least. Major cities would appear to be in pretty dire sexual condition. Ranking city-by-city, Atlanta takes the crown as the most sexually satisfied city in America, with a 73% approval rating, beating out both New York and Los Angeles. Maybe it has something to do with the Underground?

More interestingly, Houston took first place by volume with an average of 101 incidents of luckiness every year. Atlanta managed 88, D.C. clocked in with 86, and Los Angeles and New York rolled over torpidly and contented themselves with 82 and 80 respectively. It might be time for a PSA campaign.

She’s Third-Wife Material


A Big, Big Love: Ginnifer Goodwin’s W Magazine spread makes a surprisingly cogent case for plural marriage. [FashionIndie]

X-Ray Specs: Oliver Goldsmith enters the world of bespoke frames. [GQ UK]

Man of Steel: The 70s era Superman costume goes on sale. Somewhere, Jerry Seinfeld reaches for his wallet. [IMDB News]

Chastity on the Rise!: Esquire laments the decline in the female libido. It sounds like they’ve been going to the wrong bars… [Esquire]

Parkways, Spray Paint and the Resilience of Sex Shops


Scenic Route: ACL waxes nostalgic over Connecticut’s own Merritt Parkway. We were always partial to the Pacific Coast Highway ourselves… [A Continuous Lean]

Louis Louie: Does it still count as tagging if you’re doing it yourself? And instead of a 16-year old Bronx kid, you’re a multinational luxury corporation? [High Snobriety]

Hard Times: Like trucking, the sex industry is recession-proof. We wonder what this means for Amsterdam… [PSFK]

Fry Like an Eagle: Stephen Fry doesn’t care if you pronounce it “aks” instead of “ask.” And since he’s English, that’s saying a lot. [BoingBoing]

Tom Tom Club


If his ads are any indication, Tom Ford has seen a lot, so we figure he’s picked up a considerable amount of wisdom along the way.

So we’re glad Details managed to keep him in one place for long enough to dish out some life lessons. The results vary from his morning routine (ice cubes over the eyes) to his unvarying commitment to tuxedos.

The big design revelation is Ford’s distaste for the high-cropped suit jacket…but it makes sense that he wouldn’t much go for the waiter look. As for the sexual revelations at the end, let’s just say he takes swinging very seriously.

The tao of Tom»