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The Private Collection

As object connoisseurs, we’re a sucker for a good collection. Apparently we’re not alone. On her blog, Lisa Congdon put together impeccable photos of her favorite collections for 365 days in a row—interesting, obscure stuff like vintage Russian passports, sewing machine parts and (perhaps the strangest one) baby doll hands. For her labors, she’s been rewarded with a book deal, giving you the chance to put it all on your coffee table. (You can also check out the blog here.) Our favorite so far, perhaps predictably, is the vintage boxer photos.

Knowing When to Pitch It


For all the talk of self-repair and the wonders worked by tailors, there’s something missing from the style conversation: it’s ok to get rid of old clothes.

In a perfect world—the world we try to inhabit as often as possible—everything you bought would be sturdy enough to last forever, your seams would never decay and you’d never spill red wine on yourself. If your suit had a negative experience with a cab door, you’d whip out your sewing kit (which you’ve been practicing with all year, of course) and no one would be the wiser.

But as you’ve probably guessed, we don’t live in that world—and when the magic between you and your jacket is well and truly over, there’s nothing else to be done. If you love your wingtips, get them rehabbed, by all means. But if not, don’t be afraid to send them on their way.