Six Films Made Better by Batman: What? Only six? We
can think of thousands. [ href=""target="_blank">Maxim]

The Right to Sag: The ACLU is threatening a court
battle in defending the slouchy pants wearers of Flint. [ href=""target="_blank">Newsweek]

Last Action Hero: It’s always nice when the
protagonist looks like your sophmore-year roommate. [ href=""target="_blank">The

New Classics: Albam may look familiar, but it’s fresh
as can be. [Dejour]

Very Punny: Kenneth Cole’s are really starting to
push people in the wrong direction. [ href=""target="_blank">Gawker]

No Tom Jr.?: Tom Ford isn’t exactly in a hurry to
squeeze out puppies—which is good given that he still doesn’t
have one of those newfangled man wombs. [ href=""target="_blank">NYMag]

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