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South Korea Goes Casual

South Korea, which prides itself on its green policies, has ordered all government buildings to go without air-conditioning this summer. But it’s hot in Seoul—like, Manhattan hot. To manage growing unrest, the president has applied “summer dress codes”—an unprecedented departure from the conservative dark suit/white shirt uniform that has come to define the country’s buttoned-up culture.

Seoul’s mayor, pictured here, has told his staff that they are free to wear shorts and sandals to work to combat the heat. Problem is, casual wear is strictly reserved for the home—many older South Korean gentlemen don’t even own shorts, let alone a shirt that isn’t white. As a result, legions of pasty-legged Korean politicians have been showing up to work looking as though they just mistakenly blew some dude’s head off in the backseat.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this thoroughly entertaining crisis as the summer months heat up...

I’m Only Sleeping


Monochromatic lines can be a dicey proposition, but it can give you a chance to stretch your legs a little more with regard to the cut. After all, if you’re going to risk a fencing-style blazer, you probably want to keep it as understated as you can.

This time, the monochromatic duds come from the Korean line Sleep Walker, with a quilted denim poncho thrown in to liven things up. We love white suits as much as the next style blog, but this might be too specialized a look to wear outside of the fashion set. Then again, it probably goes over better in Seoul.

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