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The Art of Roughing It

  • Najib Benouar

Your time to commune with nature is dwindling. (You’ve got about a month, tops, before it’s strictly log cabin weather.) Luckily, the leather experts at Makr—who’ve gone from making the blogger-bait of slim wallets to building a small empire of neo-rustic home goods—just teamed up with the outdoorsmen of Seattle’s Scout for a capsule collection of handsome camping gear. There’s a hickory- and brass-pole tent, an insulated field bed wrapped in selvage denim, bone-handle pocketknives and some rugged hiking boots from Oak Street Bootmakers. It’s more of the handsome, unfussy, low-over-high-tech stuff we prefer—that’ll come in handy should you be planning any last-minute autumnal getaways.

And if you’re worried about staying warm, the tent happens to have just enough room for two.

The Selvedge Stripe


We’ve gushed about winter shawl collars before, but this sweater from Norway’s Amundsen throws in a minor touch that elevates it to a whole new level.

We’re thinking of that red, white and blue stripe running down the outside of the cuff. If it looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it running down the outer cuff of a few hundred pairs of raw denim jeans, looking something like this.

Of course, there were industrial reasons for that stripe (specifically, the red thread that marks the edge of a sheet of denim), and this is just a trick of style. But as tricks go, it’s a pretty good one.

Turning Red


Raleigh Denim jeans have been a fixture at Barneys for a while, thanks to an unusually patient approach to craft, but by our lights all that loom and dye work looks even better without the indigo.

This pair of jeans swaps dark blue for a clay color, resulting in the whiskey-drinking cousin of the Nantucket Red. It’s made from selvedge canvas denim and hand-stamped, so it should still be rugged enough to justify the boutique price tag. You’ll still want to try out all those raw denim tricks, but all those wear patterns will be working themselves out on a new backdrop.

And it should go a little better with that chambray shirt.



The khaki pant has gotten a rough shake over the past couple decades, but if you go back far enough, it was every bit as rough and tumble as denim. To the archives!

Fortunately for connoisseurs of indestructible clothing, Nom de Guerre has a pretty good recreation in stock—which just happens to be on sale at Context. It’s essentially dyed Japanese selvage denim, but the cut and the archival quality gives it a little more history than your average hipster jean. There’s even a cinching strap in the back for an extra bit of retro flair—another touch that would be out of place on the indigo version—but the fabric is the same stiff, raw weave you’d find at higher end jean shops. Well played, gentlemen.

Almost Blue


Our latest favorite selvedge shirt comes from the Tokyo label 12-bar. Normally we’d steer clear of the western look, but this shirt manages to do it exactly to the limit. There are snaps but no arrows, and the discreet white piping wisely steers clear of nudie suit territory.

The herringbone fabric gives the fabric some texture, and the denim-blue keeps everything in manageably urban territory. This is how cowboys dress in Tokyo.