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Natalia Vodianova Never Gets Cold Feet

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Pick Six: GQ has enlisted the who’s who of menswear designers for a capsule collection with Gap, due next month. Here’s the sneak peek. [GQ]

Shoes Blues: A pioneer of the culture reflects on the (sometimes violent) consequences of sneaker obsession. [Sneaker Freaker]

Love Jones: Rashida Jones cannot get away from her #menswear roots—she’s been wearing navy blazers and tweed since age 8. [T Magazine]

Ab Crunches for the Soul: Slate hypothesizes that a new breed of men’s self-improvement sites might be doing more harm than good. [Slate]

Britt Kouwenberg is Thinking About Furniture

The Origin of Plaid: Hypebeast ventures to the Pendleton Woolen Mills factory in Washington to see how your plaid is made. [Hypebeast]

Don’t Moc Me: A frighteningly thorough history of the camp moccasin, including various boat-shoe variations. [Archival Clothing]

Do the Hustle!: Now that we live in the future, there are computers to show us how to dance. [BBC]

Self, Improved: How to use game mechanics to improve yourself. This does not include learning how to tie a bowtie. [BitMob]

A Few of Our Favorite Things


London-based Monocle (which, we hasten to add, is not a lifestyle magazine) has posted a front-of-the-book-style roundup that bears no resemblance to lifestyle journalism whatsoever.

Titled “Things to improve your life,” the multinational list includes Italian bathing clubs (pictured), an austere German day bed and Ambassador’s foot-hugging leather trainers. We’re all for self-improvement—we’re even willing to tolerate the dubious inclusion of Monocle’s local newsstand—but is this really what the good life looks like? We’ve taken our own crack at it with the must-haves on the left here, but we can’t help but think there’s something missing…

Maybe something to help put on all those shoes.