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The Stat Sheet: Seize sur Vingt Water-Repellent Cashmere Peacoat

  • Najib Benouar

Cashmere makes for a great sweater, scarf or even watch cap—but once you get into the realm of outerwear, cashmere has always seemed to be a little too delicate. Until now...

Seize sur Vingt—the downtown New York menswear hub run by a husband-and-wife team—found a way to toughen up an ordinarily delicate wool (via science) to create this water-resistant cashmere peacoat. It’s the most rugged cashmere out there, by far. Here’s what else you need to know.

The Story: Seize sur Vingt took some cashmere to the lab, treated it with a water-resistant compound and gave it some elasticity, to make it durable enough for winter. Twelve coats were made from this revolutionary fabric, available at their flagship in NYC.

Who to Channel: A super-luxe naval admiral; Serge Gainsbourg walking along the Seine; someone not afraid to beat up their cashmere.

When to Wear It: You’ll be reaching for this whenever you’re in need of an overcoat. Here’s your new go-to for everything from the morning commute to attending your multitude of winter gala invites.

Think of This Jacket As: Your favorite cashmere sweater turned into a fortress of coziness.

Mr. Gainsbourg shows how it’s done, after the jump.»

Seize the Day

  • Najib Benouar

We’ve extolled the virtues of the seersucker swimsuit... but when it comes to swimwear, once you cross the Atlantic, all bets are off. So if you’ve ever romanced the thought of spending a rum-soaked week on some far-flung beach amidst the impossibly bronzed, skip the seersucker and head straight for these new swim trunks from Seize sur Vingt. The cut was inspired by Mediterranean beachgoers in the 1950s, the fabric is from Como, Italy (naturally), they’re constructed in a French swimsuit factory, and the designs are limited-edition art by Paul Weil (only 60 yards of each fabric were produced). Which means you’ll be in good company, no matter which body of water you end up near.