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The Pint-Sized Segway


We’re not sure how much we’d end up using a motorized stool—or how much we’d be willing to pay for it—but it’s nice to know they’re out there.

Engadget just took the Honda UX-3 mini-scooter for a test drive and we have to admit, we want one. Seeing how it takes to this carpet, gliding forward, backwards and sideways without a single wobble, it’s hard to think they wouldn’t make the perfect office perk...or the beginnings of an indoor polo league.

Tragically, it’s still in concept mode, like all Honda’s coolest stuff, but we have to think it’s only a matter of time.



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Detroit Revisited


Much as we like cars, the four-door is getting a little long in the tooth. Where are the cars we were promised in Total Recall?

It looks like they’re almost here. This is the PUMA prototype, a collaboration between GM and Segway that might be the electric urban raider the world’s been waiting for—whenever it goes into production, that is. At the moment, the main problem is presentation…

Those hazard stripes aren’t doing anyone any favors, and the whole thing could stand to be a bit sleeker. Lest we forget, it was design that made the difference between the iPod and the slew of mp3 gadgets that came before. Is anyone out there ready to throw a few sketches together?

See the PUMA in action»

The Tech World


More goodies from CES, thanks to our friends at Energi-to-Go:

We’ve been sorting through the aftermath of CES for a few days, but as with any gathering, one of the most interesting parts was how the crowd was dressed. There were an awful lot of tucked-in dress shirts and khakis, and even more t-shirts and jeans…but we still managed to track down a few sartorial gems.

And of course, it wouldn’t be CES without a segway or two.

See the competition»

Going Mobile


Among all the rising greenery, mopeds may have been lost in the shuffle. Without the Mediterranean charm of a Vespa or the simian appeal of the Segway, we’d almost forgotten they were out there. Luckily, a clever designer was out there to remind us.

This Derringer model sprung from the mind of Adrian Van Anz, modeled off the board track racing motorcycles of the 1920s. After a few extra modernist curves and angles, he ended up with a Parisian style peddler that just happens to get 150 mpg. Of course, like Segways, this gadget is primarily a West Coast operation, so if you want one you’ll have to head out to their shop in West Hollywood.

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