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The Gentleman’s Guide to Art Theft

You’ve been seeing a lot of daring, eight-figure heists in the news lately, and it’s led you to one inescapable conclusion: it’s time to become an art thief.

And since you’ve already locked down the tools of the trade—dark suits, grappling hooks, etc.—we’ve scanned through the newswires and assembled a few essential tips for pulling off a suitably sophisticated burglary.

Watch out, Monte Carlo...

Three crucial tips for a successful heist»

En Garde


It’s worthwhile to pay attention to what you’ve got in your closet. For instance, is that pinewood cane also a sword? It’s all in the details…

This Wall Street Journal piece brought our attention to the surprising number of sword-canes being confiscated by airport security, simply as a result of absent-mindedness.

We’ve got no problem with the sword-cane in general—if it’s good enough for Zaitoichi, it’s good enough for us—but dressing for the occasion probably dictates not bringing any concealed medieval weaponry to the airport.

The lesson: Whether it’s the exact shade of purple in your argyle sweater or the throwing knives concealed in your work boots, check it out before you put it on.