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The Mighty Oak

Oak Street Bootmakers

We’re not immune to a bit of shoe lust here at Kempt, and this pair of mocassins from Oak Street Bootmakers is easily our favorite of the summer. It splits the difference between our beloved Sebagos and something a bit more adventurous—and since the suede in question is from Horween, it’s likely to be one of the more durable items in your closet. Do your worst.

The Motley Boat Shoe


Now that we’re fully into sockless season, we’re noticing a lot of multicolored boat shoes around. It’s only natural for the boat shoe to get a bit peacocky now that it’s been in the trend spotlight for a few seasons…but we didn’t expect the result to be quite so sharp.

The beginner versions are from standbys like Sebago and Sperry (the latter is reportedly Errol Morris’ favorite shoe), but those are just your subdued options. Once you’ve graduated to the genuinely eye-popping models, you can entertain yourself with Yuketen and Band of Outsiders’ latest. Imagine that flood of colors next to a blanched khaki and a bare ankle…and you’ll start to see why we’re so excited.

And judging by the neon-hued Sperrys at Band of Outsiders’ Pitti show, this is just the beginning.

The Secret Weapon

Secret Sebago

We’re in favor of secret weapons, both sartorial and otherwise. Take these tricolor Docksides, for example. From the outside, they’re cream-white with almost invisible spots of blue and red. But once you take them off—either at a fastidious friend’s house or at the close of a long day—you’ll unveil the most interesting feature, the powerfully blue-and-red insoles. It’s one of our favorite tricks, also at play in paisley jacket linings and intricate socks. The most important rule: tell no one.