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Our Favorite Summer Shoe


As you may have noticed, there are a lot of plimsolls out there, but we’re ready to call the game for one all-purpose model. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on Kempt’s favorite plimsoll. (At least for now.)

They aren’t as eye-popping as some of the other models, but they make up for it with two important tricks. First, those uppers are linen, which means they’ll be a good deal more breathable than its canvas competitors. Second, the sole is heavy rubber—one of Seavees’ specialties—giving it a sturdiness that’s usually missing from plims.

That means, unlike the brighter, more disposable versions, you’ll actually want to take these off before you dash into the ocean on your next Caribbean jaunt…but they’ll also still be around next summer.

Chosen Ones


We managed to get our hands on an advanced copy of next month’s T Magazine—courtesy of Friend Of Kempt, PR guru and devil-about-town Steve Rojas—and we couldn’t help but notice one of our favorite labels getting the star treatment. Actually, make that three of our favorite labels.

T’s designer spotlight features old favorites Commonwealth Utilities and Seavees, but the big surprise is Corpus, a weatherproofed nautical line that landed at Barneys this month, and is just starting to show up in glossy mags. Of course, it’s well-timed with the nautical trend, and we’re building up our raingear supply just like everyone else—but it’s still pretty impressive that they nabbed the pole position.

Naturally, if T had asked us, we might have had a few more suggestions…but there’s always next issue.

Coloring Book


Seavees is well on their way to becoming California’s finest shoe, but they’ve got more than sunshine on their mind.

The latest line (via Men.Style) is titled 9/63, in honor of the founding of color magnates Pantone. Of course, we’ve admired their work in the past, but we never thought we’d end up seeing them on a sneaker.

Unfortunately, they skip out on Mimosa in favor of seven more 60s-oriented color blends, but they’re richer choices than you usually see on footwear. It might be a bit hard to match, but this orange hue is our favorite. You’d better hurry if you like it, though: it’s a limited collection (as usual with Seavees), and only 1,963 are going on sale.

The Madness Continues


…and the desert boots keep coming.

This latest one is from the west coast (where, coincidentally, there are actual deserts), via Seavees, previously our source for summer-colored sneakers.

The model (named 12/62, after December 1962) takes its cues from something they call “Desert Modernism.” There are a handful of architectural influences, including the Coachella Valley’s Maslon House, but we’re just glad to see leather laces on something that’s not a boat shoe.

This one’s our favorite so far...but we imagine we’ll see a few more before the year’s through.