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The Five Things You Need from Scout

  • Najib Benouar


Our comrades-in-style at UrbanDaddy have just tipped us off to the e-comm launch of Seattle-based shop Scout.

You may know the Pacific Northwestern outfitters for their neo-rustic camping gear, but now they’re turning out handsome American-made waxed jackets and Horween-leather hiking boots—and they’ve got a vintage stock of gems like a Japanese army raincoat and a pair of French hunting trousers from the 1930s.

There’s plenty of handsome stuff to dig through, so we picked out the five standouts.»

Emily Senko Has a Very Warm Coat

In a Flash: Terry Richardson, the creepy uncle of the photography world, tells his story to the Times. A sample: “He is one of those guys who could be a smart criminal.” [NYTimes]

Baltic Style: The Lithuanian pocket square makes a proud showing, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re just $18 a pop. [Well Spent]

Clear the Isle: Wales gets back to the important business of making jeans. [Cool Hunting]

North by Northwest: For anyone in Seattle, Jack Straw is looking pretty tempting. [Mister Crew]

The Perfect Raincoat

Seattle just birthed a new homespun clothing line... and naturally, their first item is a raincoat.

The brand is Freeman Seattle (not to be confused with these guys), and the raincoat is pretty close to perfect. The design takes after the classic Sierra Designs 60/40 parka, but as with many classic items, this one turns out to be cheaper to make from scratch.

And in the grand tradition of Northwestern rain gear, it’s as light as possible—which should be handy once March rolls around.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Bike Style


Around this time of year, a two-wheeled jaunt through the city starts to look pretty good—provided you can do it without looking like a bike messenger. To help you face down the considerable challenge of looking good on a bike, we sat down with Aldan Shank of Seattle’s Hub and Bespoke—a combination bike shop and boutique—for a primer on sophisticated bike style.

Wool shirts, slim jeans and the secrets of bike style…»

AP Style Guide


Rarely do the newswires provide quality analysis of men's style (usually they're busy with trivial things like war.) Thus, our eyebrows were raised when this valuable Associated Press primer on the men's market was franchised in multiple local papers. Casting masculine style as a workingman's game of inches and following issues of lapel length and the new, "rebellious" role of the tie, it imports the conversation to far-flung fashion outposts like Denver and Seattle.

Men's Fashion for 2008 Is In the Details—AP (Via Seattle Post Intelligencer)