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Diddy Issues


It’s been a long, long time coming…but Diddy’s cologne is finally here. It's called "I Am King," and so far, the marketing strategy seems to be coopting as much civil rights language as he can…but, you know, on a yacht.

The TV spot—which, Diddyblog informs us, is dedicated to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, and Martin Luther King Jr.—looks a lot like a late 90s rap video. Diddy was probably running out of excuses to ride jetskis in a tuxedo and nuzzle awkwardly with heavily coiffed models. (Good thing he had something to fall back on.)

But it’s not all social progress. Mr. Combs also describes it as his “audition tape” for becoming the new Bond. Of course, he may have to do a bit more than stare blankly towards the camera if he’s going to clinch the post. And we imagine Mr. Craig might have something to say about it.

(This post is dedicated to Rick Astley, Ty Cobb, and U Thant.)

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Life of Bryan

  • Jared Paul Stern


Brit music and style icon Bryan Ferry, one of the world's best-dressed men, wants to try his hand at designing clothes—and why the hell not? Surely being such a lifelong sartorial savant qualifies him more than most. As the man himself tells the London *Times*, “If P. Diddy can do it, why can't I?” A private label is “something I would really like to do,” Ferry says, noting, “I should have done it years ago.”

After all, last year's Burberry men's collection was basically an homage to the Roxy Music frontman's signature *haute*-lounge lizard look, and he did once collaborate on a collection for Brit retailer Topman. So what would a Bryan Ferry collection look like? Well, he's partial to bespoke dress shirts from Dunhill these days and suits from Richard Anderson of Savile Row, so that might give you an idea.

Suitably Impressed

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

As a counterpoint to the toothsome model duo we presented you with the other day, here's a well-tailored pair of gentlemen who provided a rare moment of sartorial splendor during a mostly humdrum Fashion Week.

On the left, former MOTH Zac Posen, the social butterfly fashion designer; on the right, a certain rich clown with an oversized ego and an identity crisis to match (what's is it this week? Puffy? Diddy? Poncey?) The two met up at Mr. Posen's runway show, where the designer sported an elegant ticket-pocketed tropical weight woolen number complete with boutonnière.

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The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

When someone shows up to an A-list fashion clusterfuck—in this case, the other night's CFDA Awards—dressed like a metrosexual maharajah on meth—in this case, *Vogue* editor-at-extra-large André Leon Talley—you should of course avoid having your picture taken with said person at all costs. For one thing, clownishness of costume on such a grand scale is highly contagious, and will more than likely rub off on anyone who touches it.

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