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Act Naturally


Regardless of what you think about Sean Avery, you have to agree he’s entertaining. If only there weren’t so much hockey involved…

Well, Mr. Avery’s long-gestating biopic is finally getting a bit of worth press. This New York Times article even goes so far as to grace it with a title: Puckface. It’s not the most flattering name we could think of, but he did always seem a bit puckish.

Beards, Toggles and the Last Breath of Chivalry


The Beardless Leading the Beardless: The recently shaven Bill Richardson stops by to offer some life lessons. [Esquire]

Naval Gazing: Military research finally pays off. In the form of toggle coats. [Selectism]

Bows and Arrows: If you have lived this long without knowing how to tie a bowtie, all hope is not yet lost. [The Pursuit Aesthetic]

Sloppy Suspensions: Sean Avery proves himself to be less than a gentleman. The NHL disapproves. [Gawker]

Out of Style


It’s been a rough road for Men’s Vogue, but it looks like they’re nearing the end of it. Word came down today that the awkward little brother of the men’s mag business is being downgraded from a bimonthly stand-alone mag to a semi-annual supplement to Vogue. In other words, it’s getting the ax.

Men’s Vogue (or Mogue for short) was always a bit confused, jumping from the usual profile fodder and high-end trad-wear to longform journalism pieces culled from the New Yorker’s reject pile, but it was never less than interesting. And we always figured Avery would be able to straighten things out.

Fare thee well, Men’s Vogue.

Avery Day


Our favorite ex-Conde Nast intern got a bit of video today, thanks to an ESPN profile exploring Mr. Avery’s sensitive side. Sporting a buzzed Mohawk and a self-effacing mumble, Avery spouted bon mots such as “It’s probably my desire for dress up that brings me back to the whole women’s clothing thing,” and “I certainly admire a nice purse.”

Naturally, the interview briefly touched on Avery’s constantly questioned heterosexuality, but we couldn’t help but be embarrassed by the whole thing. Can’t a man admire a purple sequined purse without everyone getting ideas?

See the video here»

Glenn’s Past, The Coen Formula, and Avery’s Big Break


Havin’ a TV Party: GQ’s style guy used to spend his time hanging out on TV with Joe Strummer and the like. Now you can catch the glory days of DVD, along with a peek at pre-Madras NYC. [Selectism]

Week One: All of fashion week in one place. You’ll have to provide your own champagne and house music. [NYT]

The Brotherhood of Coen: Being America’s most prolific indie auteurs isn’t all that hard. Just follow this simple formula… [NYMag]

God Bless Us, Avery One: Our favorite hockey player is about to get the Hollywood treatment. We suggest Mark Wahlberg for the lead. [Gawker]

Table Hopper

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

In the latest installment of our occasional survey of the seating arrangements at A-list fêtes, we bring you this snap of hockey punk Sean Avery and well-traveled mannequin May Andersen at the dinner Brit-born, Aussie-raised actress Naomi Watts threw for her photographer brother Ben the other night at Milk Gallery.

The inexplicably fashionable athlete took time out from blogging about short suits and posing for Gap ads to chat up Ms. Andersen over several rounds of Heineken. Apparently he was just plastered enough to affect obliviousness to the forced smile she had on her face throughout the encounter; but here it is, captured for posterity.

Mind the Gap


It looks like our Mr. Avery is turning into a jack of all trades. After a quick spell blogging for Men’s Vogue, the man flirted with the idea of starting a celebrity styling outpost in New York. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone the way of disco.

Of course, not one to rest on his blades, Avery is already showing up on bus shelters throughout the nation as one of Gap’s new faces, alongside famous lensman Ryan McGinley and sartorialist Scott Schuman.

Playing for the Dallas Stars seems like such a step down.

Lyrics by Bruni, Hedi Goes East, and Posh Gets Squashed


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Hot Rods: That emblem on your car's hood may indicate more than your choice in brands. [Jalopnik]

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Victoria Beckham's Menswear Line Canceled: Whew. That was a close one. [Female First UK]

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The Chronicles of Avery Come to An End... For Now


No Irons Required: Structured Garment's wrinkly spring collection. [A Continuous Lean]

Up Chuck: A look ahead at Converse by John Varvatos' fall collection. [The Pipeline]

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Final Period: And on that note, Hurricane Avery bids a fond "peace the f*ck out" to New York. [Newsday]

The Encyclopedia Douchettica: We don't have to miss Avery that much, as long as we pick up Hot Girls With Douchebags.[Radar ]

Loving Avery Moment


It looks like the NHL’s biggest eccentric is continuing his winning streak.

Sean Avery, the New York Ranger and occasional MOTH is making the most of his tenure at Vogue. He’s had a very respectable run of posts at the blog, covering sneaker shops, *shabu shabu* and, of course, sports bars.

Avery’s more contemplative moments can be found here, in an essay discussing his time at the magazine. We’ll say this for him: he pulls off a plaid short-suit with uncommon conviction.