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The Five Gallery Shows to Visit on a Rainy Day

  • Najib Benouar


We’re headed into the lamb end of March, which means most of the Northern Hemisphere is beginning to feel the early stages of spring fever.

But that doesn’t mean the weather is going to cooperate with your every urge to get outdoors just yet—and our favorite way to weather the unexpectedly overcast weekend day: visit an art gallery.

Sure, it’s not exactly an idyllic picnic in the park, but you’re still getting all the benefits of a leisurely weekend stroll—salvaging any date plans that might have been rained on—and adding to your ever-expanding worldliness while you’re at it. So, to that end, we surveyed the spring exhibitions opening in a city near you (also: Hong Kong) and found the five you’ll want to know about the next time you need some last-minute shelter from the elements.

Bookmark this list for a rainy day (or any day artiness strikes).»

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