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Picasso’s Beach Pants

We’ve only got a few requirements for our beach gear. It needs to be rugged, it needs to be light, and it needs to keep us from getting sunburned. Any summery affectations on top of that are just icing on the pineapple-flavored cake.

By that standard, Scout Originals just rolled out what might be the perfect beach pants. There’s a lot here that won’t play on land—starting with the Hawaiian icons painted on the legs—but they should look right at home next to a large body of water, especially if you’re going for a Picasso-on-the-Riviera vibe.

The three-quarter length also happens to be the exact amount we usually roll up our pant legs when we’re dealing with sand—but in this case, they’ve saved us the trouble.

Sadly, we don’t have $750 to devote to beach outfits...but a guy can dream.