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Five Things You Need from Band of Outsiders’ New Webshop

  • Najib Benouar


Word has just come through the grapevine that Band of Outsiders has just launched e-comm.

Which means you’ll finally be able to find all of Scott Sternberg’s sun-baked preppiness in one place. And just in time for the release of BOO’s latest batch of spring/summer gear—including some new exclusives. Our early favorites include a penny loafer collaboration with Rancourt & Co. that alternates red and blue stitching over the beef rolls. There’s also a quintessentially BOO pair of go-to-hell chinos that replace the typical embroidery of anchors or lobsters with Space Invaders icons. And there’s plenty more good stuff where that came from...

So we rounded up the five things you need from Band of Outsiders’ new webshop.»

The Girl with the Octopus Hair

Ryan Plettvia YHBTI

Good Enough for Ike: Jake Gallagher takes a deep dive into the military origins of the paratrooper pant. [WaxWane]

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The Bow of Victory: Scott Sternberg unveils a lucky Band of Outsiders bow tie in honor of the Oscars—and there’s a good chance Clooney will be wearing one on Sunday. [SlamxHype]

A Private Affair: And finally, with Google’s new privacy policy coming into effect on March 1, here’s how to wipe your history to ensure no one ever discovers you once Googled “nude rue mcclanahan.” [Gizmodo]

You’re Only as Young as You Feel


Surprisingly enough, this is not the latest model from Osh Kosh B’Gosh.

Actually, it’s one of the more outré of those Band of Outsiders polos you might remember from January. Now that they’re seasonally appropriate—and arriving in brick-and-mortar shops—we thought we’d take another look…and we were a little surprised at what we found.

Scott Sternberg’s always been interested in digging up slightly retro childhood relics, and there are plenty of items in the cheekily named “This is Not a Polo” line that walk that line perfectly. And, we should say, they’re pretty fantastic—the best polos we’ve seen in years. But if you push the childrenswear vibe just a little farther, you end up edging into strange territory.

This one’s for advanced users only, but anyone who can pull it off without looking like Billy Madison gets a hat tip from us.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Scott Sternberg


One more dispatch from Fashion Week: After the impeccable Band of Outsiders show, a lucky photographer caught this snap of Jason Schwartzman and Scott Sternberg sharing a laugh. And much as we admire Mr. Schwartzman’s Redford-esque stache, this one belongs to Sternberg.

It’s not just the Steve Allen glasses (not that Steve Allen), although those merit a double-take just about every time we see a picture of him. But we’ve seen those before. Instead, we’d direct your attention to the rugby top, pulled fresh from his new line of polos. We’ve been waiting to see one of those in the wild for quite some time, so the first spotting definitely merits a MOTH. Sure, he looks a little underdressed, but that’s the whole idea.

In the Club


Scott Sternberg has always been good for a quote or two. Case in point: Last time the Band of Outsiders honcho checked in for a serious interview, he ended up dropping gems like, “Style fills the gap between how you see yourself and how you want other people to see you.” (Seriously, marinate on it.) So we’re always happy to listen in…

Most recently, he popped up as part of the Sundance Channel’s Full Frontal Fashion video series, comparing himself to more established icons like Ralph Lauren, J. Press, and Brooks Brothers: “We’re all drawing from the same well. But the filter through which we put it out there, and our personal quirks make it all quite different.” In Sternberg’s case, the preppy lineage comes by way of Jean-Pierre Léaud (he confesses a mild obsession in a separate clip), but Léaud’s not that far off from rugby players and businessmen—or at least not in Sternberg’s eyes.

But for variety’s sake, we’re hoping he doesn’t take up polo.

Counting Down


Print may be in bad shape, but the listicle is perfectly suited for the internet age. No matter how thorough the research is, there’s always a few bones to be picked…

For instance, we were impressed by the dent fashion folk made in Crain’s latest “Top 40 Under 40” list—including the Mme. Obama-approved Jason Wu and Steven Alan’s new chief executive Ed Rosenfeld—but what happened to the menswear crowd?

Naturally, we have a few suggestions»

Tumbles, Rumbles, and Lures


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