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The Trench Coat Gets its Day in the Sun


The trench coat is already one of the more iconic items in the menswear canon, so it hardly needs the ad treatment—but it couldn’t hurt.

Today, Burberry launched a site called Art of the Trench dedicated to classic outerwear piece in all its forms. You can see street style shots from all over—including this one from Mr. Schuman himself—which should give you some ideas on how to style yourself. We prefer a dark navy or black like the gentleman here, but dig around the site and you’ll find plenty of other ideas.

As for the timing, it might have done us a bit more good a few weeks back…but we’re not complaining.

Katy Perry, Billionaires and Sartorial Hookups


Katydid: Ms. Perry graces the Esquires pages, reveals her secret love for Pat Benetar. Doesn’t that usually happen via karaoke? [Fashion Indie]

One Billion Dollars: There are 1,125 fewer billionaires in America than there were a year ago. Light a candle for them, folks. [Luxist]

There’s No Gossip Like Blog Gossip: The Sartorialist and Garance Doré are now an item. Is there a special blogroll for that? [Cup of Jo]

Who Watches?: The Watchmen movie gathers buzz. And this doesn’t hurt either. [BlackBook]

Mottos, Irons, and the History of the Mustache Trend Piece


Two States: If you needed a map of all 50 state mottos, here you go. A lot of them are really strange. [Cartophilia]

Clapped in Irons: Kempt favorite Scott Schuman ponders the ideal ironing technique. [The Sartorialist]

Going Mad: The threat of Mad Men without show creator Matthew Weiner is apparently real. Zombie Mad Men? Get worried. [Vulture]

Hair of the Dog: An annotated history of the mustache trend piece. [Gawker]

Sidewalk Sale


Whether it’s flash mobs or tumblrs, a good idea can only last so long before someone turns it to commerce. The Sartorialist lasted longer than most, but after last month’s Gant advert, a third party has turned Scott Schuman’s idea of street style photo-blogging into a full blown clothing store.

The British site Stitsh has a familiar look, but if you roll over any of the pictures, it’ll take you to sites where you can buy any of the items on the screen. Like a few others, we like the idea, even if it’s a little too focused on British streetwear brands for our taste. Can’t they get someone over to the West End?

Color Me Sartorial


The much-feted Sartorialist is starting to develop a running commentary. And it turns out, there’s a lot you haven’t noticed. For instance, color.

Wear Me Palettes is the pet project of a Swiss design student, who spent three months copying, pasting, and matching colors to develop a database of sartorial hues. It’s a worthy study, as many of the outfits (this one, for instance) make themselves through sophisticated and subtle use of color.

As PSFK notes, the most popular colors are blue, white and brown, while gray appears in just less than half of the photos, which is either a fact about current fashion or a sad statement on New York weather.