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Paz De La Huerta is Exposing Herself to a Fern

Love Italian Style: Scott Schuman runs down the essentials of Italian style, for the benefit of British readers. Immediately after this piece was published, he got in a knife fight with both Gieves and Hawkes. [GQ UK]

Yet More Italian Style: The latest sun-baked lookbook from Brunello Cucinelli. [Die, Workwear]

Hi, Mom: An adorable photoset featuring the Style Blogger and his mom. Gentlemen: if you run a personal style blog, and you didn’t do this, you might be a bad son. [The Style Blogger]

Sack Up, Ho: An illustrated history of the feed sack. Rural style, personified. [Etsy]

Emanuela de Paula Has Never Even Heard of Snow

Glam Life: A kind soul digs up the only five issues of Star, the premiere magazine of early 70s west-coast groupie culture. Looks like it was quite a scene. [Boing Boing]

Sartorial Man: Scott Schuman waxes poetic, gets his hair cut and wears the hell out of an overcoat. [The Sartorialist]

Sock ‘Em: A few of the world’s more colorful socks, in honor of cold ankles. [Unabashedly Prep]

Spiked Bats are the New Axes: Nike Sportswear put together this spiked bat as part of their latest installation. Adidas better watch themselves. [Yimmy Yayo]

Last Year’s Model


The Sartorialist has spent the past few days recounting a few of his favorite photographers, and it’s surprisingly far from the usual glossy editorial crowd.

Today, Mr. Schumann singled out the Weimar-era lensman August Sander, and while you won’t find his books in any fashion shops just yet, he makes a lot of sense as a proto-Sartorialist. For one, the poses are just about dead on.

Of course, instead of Italian businessmen and West Village doyennes, Sander’s lens seeks out carnival folk and country brass bands. But as luck would have it, they’ve got a pretty decent style of their own.

A few Sander shots»

George Petty Restores Our Faith in the Arts


The Pen is Mightier: The vintage cheesecake art of Mr. George Petty. [Trend.Land]

The Sartorial List: Scott Schuman sits down with DailyIntel. Apparently he’s a Ralph Kramden fan. [DailyIntel]

Mind the Gap: The Gap takes over the New York Stock Exchange, making everyone involved feel a little bit older. [UnBeige]

Phreak Nation: A blind fourteen-year-old summons the wrath of the FBI with the help of a touchtone phone and an obsessive streak. [Rolling Stone]

A Meme is Born


Much as we try to keep things classy, the bulk of the internet has always been composed of two things: pornography and pictures of cats. So when someone has a good idea—like, The Sartorialist, for instance—it’s a sure bet that it’ll filter down into one of those two arenas.

And now, the less interesting of the two possibilities has finally become a reality. Ladies and gentleman: The Catorialist.

The above image, by the way, is captioned “the power of men’s accessories,” and the sound you hear is the internet swallowing itself whole. As for The Nudetorialist, nobody’s snatched up the domain name yet, but it can only be a matter of time.

Where the Buffalo Roam


We’ve been fans of The Sartorialist for a while, and we’ve never begrudged Mr. Schuman a few side projects, but he may finally have hit a sour note. His latest collab is this microsite with the usually reliable Gant label. The problem isn’t the clothes or the shots, but the people. In ten quick profiles, Mr. Schuman may have inadvertently captured everything that’s irritating about New York City.

Take, for instance, one MacDonald Steffen Huelster (pictured above). He describes his style as “One part Summerset Country Club, two parts Willow River,” which explains the buffalo, at least. But the impossibly preppy name, the WASPy affectation of referring to both of his parents by their full names (Hugh MacDonald Huelster and Christine Steffen Huelster, respectively), and the particularly obnoxious cred grab of referring to his borough as “Brooklyn, King’s County” all mark this gentleman as someone we would like to avoid at all costs. We don’t like to use the h-word; let’s just say it reflects poorly on the brand.

Perhaps an underrated perk of Mr. Schuman’s original blog is that all the participants are silent.

Mind the Gap


It looks like our Mr. Avery is turning into a jack of all trades. After a quick spell blogging for Men’s Vogue, the man flirted with the idea of starting a celebrity styling outpost in New York. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone the way of disco.

Of course, not one to rest on his blades, Avery is already showing up on bus shelters throughout the nation as one of Gap’s new faces, alongside famous lensman Ryan McGinley and sartorialist Scott Schuman.

Playing for the Dallas Stars seems like such a step down.