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Smelling Summery


With the official start to summer only two days away, it’s only getting hotter, and decidedly sweatier, from here on out.

And since no doubt you’ve already transitioned your closet to lighter fabrics for the impending dog days of July and August, it's time to focus on summer-izing your scent.

And we’re not just talking about deodorant.

It’s time for some fresh summer updates to your everyday grooming arsenal. Fact is, a light fragrance in all your primping products can really help keep the stench at bay. (Yes, even in your soap.) And when nature’s cranking the dial on the thermostat, we like to use the same rule of thumb with our grooming as we do our beverages: always better with a hint of citrus and herb.

Now, for a few of the best options to keep you smelling your freshest this summer, keep on scrolling, after the jump...»

Clear the Air


It’s nice to have a little fire around. Scented candles usually focus on the cologne-commercial coolness of making your space smell glamorous, but there’s something to be said for the simple caveman pleasures of controlled combustion.

The New York stalwarts at Odin just released their first line of candles—and while they smell pretty good, it’s safe to say they’re thinking about the pleasures of fire too. The metal lid and wine-colored glass make it feel like something you’d find in a nightclub or an unusually hip church…which means they should be right at home on your nightstand.