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Flight Attendants, Lance Armstrong and Inauguration #Menswear

  • Kempt Staff

Fly Girls: The Trad flies the friendly skies of yore and finds more than a few flight attendants who are easy on the eyes.

Picture This: Gear Patrol has dug up the 10 best vintage cameras—so you can fulfill your old-timey photography needs sans Instagram.

Liestrong: Bleacher Report breaks down everything you need to know about Lance Armstrong’s tell-all interview with Oprah (in the event that you don’t subscribe to her obscure new cable channel).

For Next Time: Esquire gets the lowdown from design mastermind Michael Bastian on the proper inauguration #menswear.

Keira Knightley Never Understood Sleeves

  • Kempt Staff

Table It: The 10 oversized books you should consider for yourself or anyone else you know who might already own a coffee table. [Highsnobiety]

Fast Backlash: An op-ed that makes the case against the new trend of fast fashion collaborations. [Business of Fashion]

Blitzkrieg Bop: Popular ladies’ e-commerce site Shopbop has set their sights on the menswear market. [Fashionista]

A Love Pentagon: To add to the ever-evolving bizarreness surrounding General Petraeus, Chuck Klosterman somehow found himself briefly caught in the eye of the storm—and lived to tell his story. [Grantland]

Olivia Medina Just Realized Her Shirt’s on Backwards

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Pants Don’t Lie: Put This On explains the three-tiered hierarchy of chinos. Study up. [PTO]

It’s Just the Tits: It seems The New Yorker has pushed Facebook’s limits of decency with their latest cartoon—they’re calling it “Nipplegate.” [New Yorker]

Barry F-bama: A glorious soundboard of Barack Obama reciting the colorful language of a schoolmate. Use this only for good (and prank-calling that right-wing roommate of yours from freshman year). [Regretsy]

Karl and Aziz: Refinery29 catches up with Aziz Ansari during Fashion Week to talk dinner jackets and a reality show with Herr Lagerfeld. [R29]

Shanina Shaik Is a Desk Jockey

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via Models

Hot to Basco: Barneys is reviving their in-house menswear line, Basco, after lying dormant 30 years. Mr. Lean investigates. [A Continuous Lean]

Banned Substance: Meanwhile, Ray-Ban is reintroducing their Ambermatic lenses that change with light and temperature shifts. [Esquire]

Ground Chukka: Put This On gets excited for fall with a kaleidoscope of handsome boots. [PTO]

Dressage: A roundup of the 50 most scandalous dresses in history and the women who wore them, courtesy of the Cut and their spiffy new redesign. [The Cut]

Tobey Maguire and the Succès de Scandale

We’d like to congratulate Tobey Maguire on a scandal well played.

As we learned a few months ago, Maguire was said to be participating in high-stakes card games run by con man Bradley Ruderman and a made-for-Page-Six bombshell named Molly Bloom. Now, he’s agreed to pay back $80,000 (of the more than $300,000 that he won) to settle a lawsuit brought by a group of investors who had been bilked by Ponzi-schemer Ruderman.

In Maguire's case, it's what we call the good kind of controversy. Here's why»



Apparently Monocle’s exclusive Woolrich Woolen Mills jacket isn’t quite so exclusive after all.

In fact, if you’re willing to settle for a black version (instead of Monocle’s Navy and Olive), you can get exactly the same jacket stateside for $50 less. It’s a bit surprising, since all their previous goods were whipped up just for them. We guess Mr. Suzuki didn’t want to waste any good ideas.

So we guess Monocle's contribution was picking out a couple fabric swatches?

The Sport


Alex Rodriguez has never been popular—at least not in New York—and this isn’t likely to help…but it’s worth considering what exactly we want from athletes.

Yankees in particular have been jittery, nervous creatures over the past few years, which has a lot to do with having some of the most vicious sportswriters in the country breathing down their necks, but the PR game of professional athletes has become too calculated to be likeable.

It’s so long ago that most ESPN-watchers wouldn’t remember, but the perfect athlete used to be called a “sport.” A sport was someone like Jack Johnson or Mickey Mantle who lived it up in his off-hours, dressed as flashy as they could, and generally made the full use of their ridiculous salary. Think wide lapels and diamond stickpins, as Randy Roberts would describe it, or the more recent NFL popularity of the plaid suit.

If he were a little flashier, we would have let A-Rod get away with a lot more.

Oh, Lydia


Erstwhile Kemptress Lydia Hearst has apparently run into a spot of bother over her Page Six column, *The Hearst Chronicles*. Specifically, whether or not she really earned that byline

It started with a tiff over *The Hearst Chronicles*’ dissing of Hearst Media’s recession-inspired cancellation of their Christmas party. Apparently that was one tidbit Ms. Hearst wished she could un-ghostwrite, so she turned on her Page Six masters, who in turn revealed the whole façade.

The news may not shock anyone else, but we’re devastated. Lydia, we fell in love with your words! Was it all a lie?