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Winter-Proofing Your Wardrobe, Head-to-Toe

  • Najib Benouar

Here we are, heading into the frigid depth of winter.

And while staying warm is of the utmost importance, that doesn’t mean you can head into public swaddled in a giant blanket (at least not until winter 2014). So we dug up some of the warmest, most handsome gear out there to give you the necessary shelter your morning commute requires.

Optimizing your warmth-to-dapperness ratio from head to toe.»

Gap Year

  • Najib Benouar

Diffusion lines are nothing new, but lately we’ve been seeing some bold-faced menswear names deciding to collaborate with big-box retailers for capsule collections (you might remember Odin and Target’s recent team-up).

Enter the latest high-low venture from Gap, facilitated by GQ and involving just about every so-hot-right-now designer in the menswear blogoshpere: Ovadia & Sons, Ian Velardi, Mark McNairy, Saturdays, BLK DNM and Todd Snyder. With that much talent in one shopping aisle, you’re bound to turn out more than a few exciting pieces. And since we were allowed a sneak peek at Tuesday night’s launch event (you’ll need to check a map for your nearest shopping mall on September 27 to see them yourself), we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on the most promising stuff.

Herewith, all the jackets, shirts and pants worth finding the nearest Gap for.»

Basic Cable

  • Najib Benouar

Layering season is upon us—and we’d like to remind you that the cable-knit sweater is your friend.

This cable-knit crewneck from Saturdays (Manhattan’s beach bum outpost) is right on the mark. It’ll play well over a button-down, under a waxed jacket, on its own (on a Saturday). The combination of the Aran-esque knit pattern and breast pocket split the difference between McQueen and Ralph Lauren—which is not a bad place to be in most situations.

But especially when wearing a sweater.

The Most Versatile Canvas Sneakers Around

  • Najib Benouar

We’re strong proponents of the cotton sneaker as your go-to warm-weather shoe.

And by now, vague iterations of the plimsoll are thick on the ground. (We’re up to our ankles in low-tops.) Which brings us to Saturdays’ inaugural crop of shoes—including this polka-dot-lined pair of high-tops that we’re especially fond of. They’ve got the high-top style of your classic Chucks, but they’re slick enough to wear to the office on casual Fridays. Or any day, if the words “casual Fridays” just made you wonder if people still have casual Fridays.

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