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Candice Huffine is an Active Furniture Shopper

Black Label: In honor of the new Jack Daniels label, the Journal provides a visit from the ghost of packaging past. [Wall Street Journal]

Fine Art: Remember that Lindsay Lohan video? Sasha Grey just got the same treatment. [V Magazine]

They Are Equally Dangerous: The tale of two vices: a Bloody Mary and an intricately patterned belt. [The Trad]

Ready for Their Closeup: A detailed look at Alden’s suede penny loafers. Don’t worry, they remain penniless. [A Headlong Dive]

The Small Screen


Apparently The Girlfriend Experience is a whole lot closer to our TVs than we thought. Amazon’s offering a 3-day web rental of the film less than a week after it premiered at Tribeca (hat tip to Gizmodo), which means you’re just a few clicks away from watching it in its entirety.

It’s not quite the same as catching it in theaters, but this isn’t exactly Lawrence of Arabia either, and when you’re facing down almost omnipresent bootlegging, we’re betting you take what you can get. If our tips are to be believed, the movie’s already showing up in hotel rooms too…which is only fitting.

Sex Sells


Steven Soderbergh has dabbled in low-budget experiments before, but this time it looks like he’s going straight for the box-office jugular. The Girlfriend Experience takes a peek at an Ashley Dupre-esque callgirl, and combines a few time-tested box office draws in the process: sex, lifestyle voyeurism, and a lead actress crossing over from porn. Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Sasha Grey…

Early reviews suggest it’s more about money than sex, but a trip through the world of high-rent prostitutes is still a trip we’re more than willing to take. It’s also one of the first films to use the new Red One digital camera in place of good old film, which gives the whole endeavor an appropriately grainy feel.

We can only imagine what Che would make of it all.

See the trailer»

Geller’s Win, Sasha’s Stockings, and Natalia’s Skivvies


Behind the Camera: Natalia Vodianova sets out to make her name as a lingerie designer. But who will they hire to do the ads? [Luxist]

And the Winner Is…: Robert Geller takes home the GQ/CFDA award, beating out Rogues Gallery and Benjamin Bixby. Oh well, Maine will rise again. [Material Interest]

Dressed like a Porn Star: Sasha Grey shares her fashion wisdom…which seems to involve a lot of fishnets. [BlackBook]

Wrestling with Success: Mickey Rourke continues to be a magnificent trainwreck. [Vulture]

Sasha Grey, Orange Pocket Squares and Moose Hunting


The Talented Ms. Grey: Vice Magazine favorite Sasha Grey is making the leap up to legitimate film with a movie about a call girl. Apparently going from real porn star to fictional prostitute is a big step up. [Variety]

A Touch of Orange: A master class in restrained use of color. The gist is, never underestimate the pocket square. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Cinema du Karl: Everyone’s favorite teddy bear Karl Lagerfeld is getting into the movie business with a silent film. We hear those are all the rage these days. [WWD]

The Hunt is On: Moose-hunting with Wasilla’s finest. [Josh Spear]