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Sasha Grey, Orange Pocket Squares and Moose Hunting


The Talented Ms. Grey: Vice Magazine favorite Sasha Grey is making the leap up to legitimate film with a movie about a call girl. Apparently going from real porn star to fictional prostitute is a big step up. [Variety]

A Touch of Orange: A master class in restrained use of color. The gist is, never underestimate the pocket square. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Cinema du Karl: Everyone’s favorite teddy bear Karl Lagerfeld is getting into the movie business with a silent film. We hear those are all the rage these days. [WWD]

The Hunt is On: Moose-hunting with Wasilla’s finest. [Josh Spear]

The Vice Squad

debate_crop.jpgGetty Images

Last night’s debate offered one more chronicle of the political world’s baby steps towards stylish behavior. No, we’re not talking about Palin’s winks or Biden’s party-appropriate powder blue tie.

We’re talking about those chalk stripes.

Biden risked looking like a banker—a particularly dangerous move these days—and did the sartorial thing. We knew he was a well-dressed gentleman, but we’re impressed he had the clout to pull this one off. What’s next, wearing gray? Obama may be the first candidate who’s one-button suit material, and it’s nice to know he’s got someone adventurous to back him up.

Based on this picture, it looks like someone else is taking notice too.

Sex Seconds, Baby’s First Fur & Palin Wallpaper


The Opposite Sex: The movie you couldn’t sit through now is now the DVD she can lock herself in the bedroom and watch on loop. Beware the hours of Sex and the City bonus features, and don’t get too comfy—the sequel is coming. [HuffPo]

Insult to Injury: After allegedly promising PETA to omit animal fur in forthcoming collections, Giorgio Armani rubs some mink in the wounds by designing fur-laden gear for infants. [The Cut]

Wall to Wall: It may not be Sarah Palin red, or have small pictorials of the American manifesto, but here’s some wallpaper that isn’t unpleasant [Apartment Therapy]

What Sourcing?: British design duo Albam refuse to outsource their manufacturing to Chine for minimalist menswear. See an interview with the boys after your chin is removed from the floor [Monocle]