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The Industrial Tevas Revolution

  • Kempt Staff
The Industrial Tevas Revolution

First, we thought it was a one-time deal when we saw a pair of industrial-grade Teva-like mandals walk down the runway during NYFW: Men’s last week.

Then we saw another pair. And another.

And next thing you know, we’re seeing them everywhere we look during Market Week over the past few days. If three makes a trend, we’re there. In fact, we’re beyond there.

Welcome to the Industrial Tevas Revolution...

The Appraisal: Mandals


Many questions can be definitively answered by simply polling the #menswear world. Like, how much camo is too much camo? (See here.) But for other queries, well, it seems that the jury’s still out.

Case in point: men’s sandals.

We’re not talking about your basic 10-buck flip-flops here, though. It was decided long before our time that those are to be relegated to beaches, pools, lakes—basically any venue with some combination of heat, water and increased exposure. No controversy there. Actually, it’s the leathery, designer-y variety that’s at the heart of this mess, pitting dapper blogger against dapper blogger.

A mess that we’re going to try to sort out, once and for all...»

The Worst Accessory to Sandals Since Socks

What happens when you combine hallucinogenic drugs and venture capital money? KUSA Fake Grass Flip-Flops by Yashin™ happens.

From time to time, we come across a bad idea so bad that it verges on being dangerous. And since we’re committed to limiting your style liability at all costs, we felt it our duty to walk you through the matted, slimy and downright ridiculous claims being made by the Australian ravers-turned-footwear-experts at KUSA by Yashin™.

KUSA Claim: It’s the sensation of walking barefoot on grass. Anywhere! Anytime!»


Maisa Faverovia YHBTI

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Socks and Scandals


The newly arrived Woolrich Woolen Mills lookbook is pretty fantastic stuff, including at least three items we’d like to snap up as soon as we can think spring/summer thoughts again—but one particular styling note caught our attention as a little… off.

Direct your attention to this gentleman’s feet, and you’ll see something you haven’t seen in a lookbook in quite some time. Yes, those are socks. And sandals. Together.

For decades, it’s been considered a crunchy faux pas—unacceptable anywhere outside of a health food store—but apparently Daiki Suzuki disagrees. And while it works perfectly with the mountain-climber chic Suzuki’s aiming at, we can’t help but think the gentleman in question would look better if he switched to hiking boots, or just let his toes wiggle free.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Waris Ahluwalia


Khakis and a button-up are about as attainable as style gets—but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. Case in point: this week’s MOTH pulls off the colonial cotton look about as well as possible. Waris…well played.

For starters, that means a perfect pair of slim-fit chinos in navy, making them just a touch more formal than the average slack. Add in a tucked shirt with just the right amount of billow at the waist and a surprisingly unobjectionable pair of sandals, and you’re in MOTH territory. (Standing next to Devon Aoki doesn’t hurt either.) This is the rare look that you can pull off without anything that isn’t already in your closet. Go forth, gentlemen of style…

The Old School


We mostly know Acne for their raw denim, but apparently they’re a lot more mod than we gave them credit for.

This Spring/Summer 09 collection is a lot more colorful than we expect from them…in addition to containing some of the shortest men’s shorts we’ve ever seen. On the bright side, there are suits with sandals, a brash commitment to sneakers and a general atmosphere of mod-ish insouciance.

Well played, fellows.

See more of the line here»

Black Flag Haircuts


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Kurt's Kicks, Men's Strappies and Indie's Hat


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