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Mods, Art Thieves and Going Solo


Mods vs. Rockers Has John Varvatos’s strong “pro-rocker” stance invited a mod backlash? We’d buy it. If so, you’ll need these pictures to paste onto your GX scooter…[We Are the Market]

Movin’ Up in the World like Elevators: Our favorite rapper/actor/MOTH talks about his clothing line. We expect it to be better than his movies, but slightly worse than his music. [Esquire]

Crime Pays: A European government is offering up cash and amnesty for anyone who can put their hands on a few famous, stolen paintings. Like we’ve always said, it’s a good time to be an art thief. [Luxist]

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: Sam Shipley (of Shipley & Halmos) releases a solo album. Does this mean Halmos is Garfunkel? [Men.Style]