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All Together Now


Apparently the Norwegian Salvation Army stores are a good deal less depressing than the stateside ones, or at least they have a bigger ad budget.

This eye-catching spot follows a winsome Scandinavian Alice down the thrift-store rabbit hole, as she explores a series of single-color rooms that connect to each other in confusing and inconsistent ways. Click on the green circle and you’ll see her model a series of 60s-inflected one-pieces, surrounded by green bookshelves, cabinets, and planters. Click on another circle and you’ll see her walk to the right…into whatever color room you picked and whatever style goes with it. The overall effect is somewhere between Project Runway and stumbling onto a foreign satellite channel at 4 in the morning.

The aesthetic is bizarrely matchy, but that's more or less the point. If you’re looking for a duvet for your mauve guest room, they’ve probably sold you. Otherwise, we’re skeptical. Maybe we’d like it more if she sang…