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Eddie Redmayne Is on a Roll

  • Najib Benouar

We know Eddie Redmayne has been getting a lot of love around these parts lately, but when you’re dominating the red carpet—even in this chocolate velvet tuxedo he showed up wearing to yesterday’s SAG Awards—it’s well deserved.

Let’s start off with the disclaimer: don’t try this at home. Especially in the unforgiving brightness of day (we’ve always been of the mind that velvet requires the glow of the moonlight to really shine). But he’s got the slim frame and modelesque angles to make it work. Not to mention the all-brown color palette—you might not have even noticed the pocket square—shows some willingness to go all in. It might still be a bit premature to start throwing around the term “movie star” (or “next Gosling”), but this is definitely another step in the right direction.

And we’ll assume he looked at least twice as good come nightfall, at the wrap party.