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1979 Is Going To Be a Good Year


In honor of the New Year, Tom Ford’s released his Spring/Summer collection to the wilds of the internet. On some level, it’s the same bombastic 70s loungewear we’re used to from Tom Ford—but as a vision of things to come, it’s downright exciting.

The big winners so far are spectators and dangling belts, along with the same safari jackets, wide-lapeled tuxes and neckerchiefs he’s been pushing since ‘09. Also, if you have a pair of white pants cluttering up your closet, you might want to start airing them out now.

And maybe that fondue set.

Into the Wild


We’ve never been much for safaris, but they do tend to put a camera through its paces.

So Leica’s latest Safari Edition has its work cut out. The army green should match your pith helmet, while the presumably lion-proof aluminum body strips down the usual point-and-shoot functions to the bare necessities. Sadly, you won’t be able to get your hands on it until August, but hopefully you can find something a bit lighter to tide you over till then.

Junk in the Trunk


We’ve run a lot of bags on Kempt, but the trunk has gone mostly overlooked. It may not be much of a carry-on, but it’s perfect for that steamer voyage you’ve been planning.

These trunks are the fruit of a transcontinental collab between J. Crew and classic Brit luggage maker Globetrotter, which lends its expert craftsmen and distinctive color combination to the mix. As you can see, the sizes vary from a 13-inch vanity case to the 33-inch wheeled suitcase—which weighs in at 13 pounds when it’s *empty*. Thanks to Globetrotter’s Vulcan Fibre, the trunks can withstand up to 2000 pounds of pressure.

Which should come in handy when you’re on safari.