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Saddle Up

  • Najib Benouar

The saddle shoe used to be the typical back-to-school shoe for preps the nation over—and just in time, Alden, the venerable New England shoemakers, have unveiled a new pair, injecting a timely navy suede into the classic. They’re part of an exclusive collaboration with Leffot on preorder right now, so you’ll have to exercise some patience once you’ve put your 20% down payment. Consider it being in escrow.

The Old ’Blood, White and Blue

  • Najib Benouar

It seems that with every day we draw nearer to summer, we’re granted another boldly hued curio. Today it comes in the form of this spectacular pair of oxblood saddle shoes—born from the collaboration of cult-y cobbler Mark McNairy and LA men’s shop Union. Most striking are the brick soles in neon blue. Paired with the reddish oxblood leather and white laces, these shoes have become early contenders as the ideal pair to wear to your semiformal Independence Day boat christening.

They’ll even disguise a little misplaced BBQ sauce.

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Saddle Up


Nothing says autumn quite like brown suede.

To that end, we thought we’d bring your attention to this Cole Haan saddle shoe. It manages to deliver a classic shape, a handsome red brick sole and a surprisingly low sticker price—which makes for quite a trifecta. We might want to swap out the laces for something a little less sneaker-y, but after that you should have a near-perfect casual shoe.

For the pricier, more genuine article, you can look up Mr. McNairy...but nobody’s perfect.