Love For Sale: Scarlett puts herself up for auction
on eBay, meaning it’s only a matter of hours before our PayPal bill
dwarfs our student loans. [Gawker]

Hip To Be Square: The Roots of American href="">Prep. [ href="">Men's

“Most Females Lie More Cleverly and Successfully Than
Or at least that’s what they want you to think. [ href="">NYPost]

Wedding Bells?: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs.
Marc Jacobs. [ href="">NYMag]

Transition of Power: In his first appearance as
Russia’s new President-elect, Dmitry Medvedev greets the nation in a
turtleneck and jeans apparently from Sears. Weep for the Motherland.

Trading Sideways: Geeks fighting to replacing
hipsters? Let’s settle this one at the playground during recess. [ href="">Scrawled
in Wax]

Bloggerati: Rising fashion blogger Kanye West is shut
out of Balenciaga, says he doesn’t really mind and declares that his
“first love is for fashion.” Jesus, it’s href="">Faran Krentcil all over again. [ href="">The
Celebrity Truth]

To The Brim: Ain’t ya heard? The href="">Hat
Is href="">Back , y’all.

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