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The Indestructible Pack


When it comes to luggage, we’re usually partial to dignified, hand-stitched leather carryalls and handsome steamer trunks. But sometimes, when your jetsetting requires that you machete your way through rainforest floors, you need something that’s virtually indestructible.

Behold, the new Cora rucksack from Ignoble. It’s made of military grade, 400 denier nylon, so it requires little to no upkeep and can shake off the battery of luggage carousels, cross-desert motorbike trips and the like. And given its brute durability, it’s actually a pretty good looking bag. We embrace the boxy functionality—a kind of brute simplicity, packing every last square inch into your carry-on space.

Think of it as your go-to for this summer’s exploits in the Mongolian wilderness.

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Cottage Industry


The gentlemen at Oregon’s Archival Clothing have been impressing us with their yen for neckerchiefs and safari pants for a while now, but this week they’ll be graduating from bloggers to bonafide shopkeepers. As of Friday, they’re getting in the eCommerce game.

The flagship item is this Filson-y rucksack, but they’ll be filling out the shelves with messenger bags, classic St. James sweaters and new limited edition gear throughout the summer, all designed according to meticulous research and more attention to the past than the future. It should be worth a bookmark, particularly if you’re still buzzing for waxed cotton as much as we are.

Sack Up


It’s easy to overthink bags. Sometimes all you need is a leather sack…

Apparently the fine folks at Mjolk are partial to the sack theory of storage, at least judging by their latest rucksack. It’s not exactly suited to air travel—we’d want a more secure top flap, for one—but it should do perfectly backpacking or thrown in the trunk of a car.

With no pockets to get in the way, the material is on full display, and like most high quality leather, it’ll get better the longer you have it.

And no, it doesn’t come with wheels.