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Under the Sheets


Morning Bell: That’s Daria Werebowy, Kate Moss and Lara Stone, in case you didn’t recognize them from their eyebrows. What they’re doing under there is anyone’s guess. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

The Secondhand Shoe: Jesse Thorn breaks down the economics of eBay shoes. In a word: awesome. [Put This On]

On the Roof: We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Ruben Toledo has a very, very handsome house. [The Moment]

Higher Education: Dispirited by the American educational system, Bootsy Collins has taken reform into his own hands, starting the soon-to-be-legendary University of Funk. Remember this day. [Boing Boing]

ScarJo, Notch Lapels, and the Communist Threat


ScarMo: Scarlett Johansson tries being the new Marilyn Monroe. But where's a subway draft when you need it? [My Fashion Life]

Red is the New Black: Has men’s fashion gone communist? If only we could have some kind of witch-hunt to clear this whole thing up. [International Herald Tribune]

Art Cribs: Inside Ruben Toledo’s amazing loft. That’s just how MOTHs live these days. [NYMag]

White Tie: The Obama administration makes its first style faux pas. At least there weren’t any diplomats around. [Luxist]

MOTHs in Print


aRUDE editor and occasional MOTH Iké Udé has just put together what may be the magnum opus of modern MOTH-hood. The book is called the Style File, and it might turn out to be the sartorial field guide we’ve been waiting for.

The book profiles a series of well-dressed souls—including fellow Kempt favorites like Ruben Toledo and Dita von Teese—and their take on personal style. Naturally, there’s a lot to learn from Udé himself. We just hope it all made it into the book.

Grace Jones, Xerox, and Cuff Replacement


Fast Fashion: The murky world of anti-fashion photography, starring the lovely Grace Jones. [FashionIndie]

Mad Appliances: The *Mad Men* Xerox machine now has its own twitter page. The internet will never be the same. [Vulture]

Cuban Chic: MOTH Ruben Toledo gets his due in the Times style section. And, remarkably, we have nothing unpleasant to say about it. [NYTimes]

Off the Cuff: A gentleman’s cost-cutting measure: having his cuffs and collars replaced. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Ruben Toledo

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Cuban painter, sculptor, illustrator, chronicler and critic Ruben Toledo is in an enviable position for a well-dressed man about town: his wife Isabel is a fashion designer who frequently whips up bespoke threads in their sprawling loft-cum-atelier hidden atop a turn-of-the-century building.

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