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Buy/Sell/Hold: White Pants After Labor Day

  • Kempt Staff


Of course you know the old canard about not wearing white after Labor Day.

And surely you know the new one—about how that’s an old-fashioned rule that ought to be forgotten. But when it comes to your trousers, there’s still a difference between your summer and winter whites.

And to help you differentiate, we’ve put together this handy guide on what to buy now, sell/pack away or hold on to in the farther reaches of your closet.»

Breaking RRL News

  • Najib Benouar

Deep within the Ralph Lauren empire, past all the preppy swathes of piqué and tweed, lies its heart and soul: the RRL line. (An Americana-glorifying assortment of jeans, shirts, bags and saddles that feels how that iconic snap of Mr. Lauren wearing denim on denim looks.)

It’s hard enough finding the stuff online (most shops agree to carry the collection in-house only), but we’ve stumbled upon something even more rare: Seattle’s Blackbird is quietly moving some stock out the door at 30% to 50% off. Naturally, it’s not online, so you’re in luck if you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, but those of us not in town can give Blackbird a ring to see what they’ve got in stock (and hope that includes your size). A little extra legwork is the American way.

More info and a quick look at the offerings after the jump.»

The Battle of the Jeans


A man goes through a lot of denim over the years, but it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Men.Style is putting the matter to a vote, with A.P.C.’s New Standard, the Jean Shop Rocker, and Levi’s 501 leading the ballot at the moment. Of course, we’re on record preferring the RRL Slim Fit, which is currently ranked at #5, but we suppose everyone has their own horse in this particular race.

But if you're rooting for Helmut Lang, you might want to reconsider things.

Renaissance Man


No sooner do we complement Kanye’s taste in denim than we hear his Yeeziness is planning a denim line of his very own.

It’ll be hard to top RRL, and the hipster/street divide is as difficult to bridge in fashion as it is in music. Then again, if anyone can bring the two camps together—possibly by sporting the perfect level of bagginess displayed in the picture at left—it’s Kanye. As legacies go, it wouldn’t be a bad one.

Let’s just hope it keeps him off the vocoder.

Welcome Back


We’d cooled off lately on our effusive love for Kanye, but it turns out all we needed was a good reminder.

Kanye’s performance Wednesday night was enough to win back our interest. The song wasn’t bad, but the chambray shirt, and effortless use of the trucker tux won us over. It also didn’t hurt that he was rocking RRL jeans, which might be our favorite denim product ever.

Of course, he’s made a few good videos in the time since too, but the crucial thing has always been public performance. And, like nobody else in music, Mr. West understands how to dress the part.

Cue the video»