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The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties - Part 4

Alfonso de Portago

Part One -- Death of The Original Playboy: Gunter Sachs, Porfirio Rubirosa Part Two -- Style & Grace: Gianni Agnelli, “Baby” Pignatari, Alessandro “Dado” Ruspoli, 9th Prince of Cerveteri. Part Three – The Americans: Howard Hughes, John. F. Kennedy

Part Four: “Easy on the Curve”

In this five-part series, Kempt celebrates “The Original Playboys” of the jet set era – a self-proclaimed ‘elite breed of professional pleasure seekers’ who fascinated the world. Part four highlights two men who went hard and fast right up until the very end (which came all too soon): Alfonso de Protago and Prince Aly Khan.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Prince William

Prince William’s tour of the colonies has had its sartorial ups and downs. There was the Tom Ford-esque double-breasted tuxedo, balanced out by the sinking realization that yes, he really was planning on wearing the same blue-gray suit through the entire trip.

But our highlight by far was this snap of his future Highness at a Santa Barbara polo club. Here, he actually looks buttoned-down—thanks to his tropical whites and a few loose buttons. Granted, we would have preferred a little less billowing in the pants (or even, gasp, white denim), but this is about as sharp as royalty’s allowed to get. Any slicker and he’d be one of the common people

Isabeli Fontana is Deeply Invested in Hat Culture

Edward Had Style: The best thing we’ve seen on the royal wedding so far: a photoset of the royal weddings of yore…including one of our royal icons. [Mister Crew]

The Cash In: The man behind Fossil buys up a chunk of Steven Alan. Drinks are on Steve, wherever he is. [WWD]

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This Explains All the Mustaches: The eccentricity of creative people, explained. Read it while doing naked yoga on your roof deck. [The 99 Percent]

January Jones is Looking More Demonic Every Day

The Presses, Stopped: Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson, known to their friends as Scaryan, have split. Let the mourning begin. [TMZ]

The Bartenders Have Spoken: A gentleman’s guide to the egg-white cocktail. Advanced studies here. [Details]

Also, Lots of Roy Orbison: David Lynch really loves Lissie’s acoustic cover of “Bad Romance.” It makes a certain kind of sense. [Pop & Hiss]

The Artists Have Spoken: An ad agency unveils a set of commemorative plates for Prince William's wedding. Only one of them involves eye lasers. [Creative Review]

Logo Week: Brooks Brothers and the Order of the Golden Fleece


For the thrilling conclusion of logo week, we're tackling one of the strangest branding phenomenons we've ever encountered.

Somehow one of America's foremost preppy outfitter ended up lifting their logo from an medieval chivalric order. The icon in question is the Brooks Brothers sheep. It turns out, noblemen have been wearing that lamb around their necks for upwards of half a millennium—and it sounds like the Duke of Burgundy has a pretty legitimate beef…

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In Our Hearts, She's the Only Hedda Gabler


Fifth Wave: Mary-Louise Parker is empowered enough to bake a few pies naked and be ok with that. [Esquire]

Tweet Memories: Buckingham Palace signs up for twitter; a nation cringes in discomfort. [Vanity Fair]

The Boots of Freedom: Enormous pre-distressed boots continue their march of trendhood. [We Are the Market]

Got Me On My Knees, Leila: The best Burkina Fasan animated short you’ll see all year. Actually, maybe all decade. [Vulture]

The King is Dead


Of course, if JFK isn’t quite your speed, there’s always more recent royalty to pick through. For instance, the king of pop.

Michael Jackson has fallen on hard times lately—after all, lawyers ain’t cheap—and he’s putting a few of his less essential purchases up for auction. The result is a peek behind the scenes at one of pop culture’s strangest creations, sequins and all. For a good chunk of the 80s, the glittering epaulette look was the coolest thing anyone had seen. The plastic aviators may be the only thing that survived.

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Princes, Brothers, Gamers and Sluts


Our Hero: Graydon Carter must know that Kristen Bell, all 5'1" of her, is never far from our hearts. [Vanity Fair]

Music From Big Pink: We grew up listening to The Band. Now a generation of musicians are growing up dressing like them. [WeAreTheMarket]

Fit for a King: His Royal Highness The Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of blah, blah, blah unveils his new collection of posh men's accessories. [Men.Style]

Lifetime Contract: "Project Runway" jumps from the cosy, omnisexual stable of Bravo to the gilded henhouse of The Lifetime channel - meaning you'll have to lie twice as hard about watching it. [NYMag]

Game Design: In utterly predicable news, iPod addict Karl Lagerfeld lends his voice to Grand Theft Auto IV. [WWD]

Frat Brothers: Like any other bored jock in the City, the Manning boys have nothing better to do with their time than hang out at Brother Jimmy's and play Buck Hunter. Losers. [NYPost]