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Mod Squad

  • Jared Paul Stern


Judging by the response to our Mod World post the other day, a lot of you are ready to re-immerse yourselves in a simpler time of army parkas, Pete Townshend riffs and the occasional rumble. Starting with a scooter, as we suggested, is a good idea for absolute beginners, but of course not just any old moped will do.

Enter Royal College of Art grad Grahame Fowler and his firm GGF Restoration, which repurposes the best classic scooters of yore for road-readiness in this post-Mod world. Haute catalog co. Vivre is now stocking a selection of Fowler's limited edition 1966 - 1968 Lambrettas, restored from the ground up, in a choice of two-tones. Of course at $25,000 a pop, you're paying a premium for perfection, but then again that's usually the case.