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Refinery29 just posted an item entitled The 12 Most Stylish Album Covers of All Time, and we have to call them out on a few slip-ups.

Exhibit A is Thriller. Anyone sporting Jacko's get up these days would be closer to the American Idol outtake reel than a spot on MTV. But “P.Y.T” is amazing, so we’ll let it go. Adam Ant is a bit harder to swallow. Guyliner and face paint may be taking off among the tweens, but we doubt it’s anything Refinery wants to endorse.

And as far as sins of omission go…whatever happened to Roxy Music?

Life of Bryan

  • Jared Paul Stern


Brit music and style icon Bryan Ferry, one of the world's best-dressed men, wants to try his hand at designing clothes—and why the hell not? Surely being such a lifelong sartorial savant qualifies him more than most. As the man himself tells the London *Times*, “If P. Diddy can do it, why can't I?” A private label is “something I would really like to do,” Ferry says, noting, “I should have done it years ago.”

After all, last year's Burberry men's collection was basically an homage to the Roxy Music frontman's signature *haute*-lounge lizard look, and he did once collaborate on a collection for Brit retailer Topman. So what would a Bryan Ferry collection look like? Well, he's partial to bespoke dress shirts from Dunhill these days and suits from Richard Anderson of Savile Row, so that might give you an idea.