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Massimo Piombo Lands in the US, Dissecting Louis C.K. and a Haunting Memoir

  • Kempt Staff


Mass Effect: Good news for Italophiles in need of a Massimo Piombo fix: Mr Porter is saving you a trip to Milan.

Not Bordello: The bookworms over at The New Yorker make a case for naming Loius C.K. the modern-day Gogol.

Hot Knife: Well Spent digs up Roman Polanski’s first film (pre-scandal) to find some handsome style cues.

After Visiting Friends: GQ sits down with their very own deputy editor, Michael Hainey, to talk about his highly buzzed-about memoir released this week.

Ashley Smith Is a Diamond’s Best Friend

  • Najib Benouar

Fear the Beard: GQ catches up with Tom Hardy (of Inception fame) at Cannes to talk beefing up, kicking crack and his personal style, but somehow manages to skirt the issue of the furry elephant in the room: that chin-fro. [GQ]

Winning Time: An NHL Hall of Famer reflects on the House finale, Steve Jobs and what they’ve taught us about being winners. [Grantland]

Polanski, Kingsley and Bonham Carter: File this three-minute short under “the wonderfully offbeat things that only happen in Cannes.” [T Magazine]

Hey Mickey: Hypebeast gives us a heads-up and preview of CNBC’s upcoming J.Crew documentary. [Hypebeast]

Tori Prayer Would Like to Borrow Your Topcoat


No Big Hair: This is Vogue Russia, so we imagine she’s quite cold. [FashionIndie]

Life Lessons: Esquire digs a Roman Polanski’s “What I’ve Learned” piece out of the archives. Notably absent: “Never trust the Swiss.” [Esquire]

Take it Straight: Whisky gets its own social network. [Lifehacker]

Smash and Grab: Art theft continues to pick up steam. Also, it’s pretty awesome. [UnBeige]

The Exile


As you may have heard, Roman Polanski was arrested this weekend at the Zurich Film Festival, as part of an extradition planned by L.A. prosecutors. It’s a remarkable moment, for anyone who had grown used to Polanski’s French exile. Without defending the man, or appealing to traumatic life or his work as an excuse, it’s remarkable how much desire there still is in the L.A. prosecuter’s office to finally bring him to sentencing.

Fame works very differently in 2009 than it did in 1977, but a celebrity trial is still a celebrity trial. And if there’s one in the offing, not even 30 years and 6000 miles will stop it.

The Smell of Success


Perfume ads have been teetering on the brink of self-parody since the famous black-and-white spots of the mid-80s, but things may have reached a new level. This still is from an ad for a new perfume called Greed, which does not exist. Or, more specifically, it’s from an ad for an ad for Greed, directed by Roman Polanski and starring Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, which will be hitting the internet next week.

Perhaps more explanation is required»