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Models Without Furniture, Part 34

The Ugliest Shoe We Have Ever Seen: Really, that about sums it up. [The Hairpin]

Dudes Climbing Cables, Wearing Overalls and Welding Things, No Big Deal: LIFE documents the building of the empire state building. [LIFE]

"There's Nothing We Like More Than Nearly Kissing Each Other Near Some Horses": An apparently sane ad woman reenacts classic romance covers with her boyfriend, jumpsuits and all. [Creative Review]

The Internet Was Angry That Day…: Vanessa Grigoriadis takes on the maelstrom of gratification and angst that is 4chan. [Vanity Fair]

Julia Is Too Tired to Climb Onto the Carpet

Behind the Screws: See the inside of a Rolex without accidentally hitting one with a hammer. [You Have Broken the Internet]

Speaking of Watches…: Nixon’s just getting more and more classic. [Hypebeast]

Screen Fever: Looking at your iPad an hour before bedtime is what’s keeping you from getting to sleep. Stop it. Honestly. [CrunchGear]

Our Lead Character Will Be Named Blake Manley: If you’ve ever dreamed of e-publishing a romance novel, now might be the time. Not that we’ve ever considered that. But if we had, this would be important news. Theoretically. [Fast Company]