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Taking Your Dad to Burning Man and Drinking Bourbon with Billy Reid

  • Kempt Staff

Burning Man

Feel the Burn: Wells Tower comes to grips with his father’s mortality and has his own first middle-aged experience—all while at Burning Man.

Fits the Bill: Southern gent and designer extraordinaire Billy Reid sits down with Gilt Manual to talk menswear and drink bourbon.

Do as the Roman: Our old pal Roman Coppola shares his cultural diet with Details.

Tick Talk: Some good pointers for the beginner vintage watch collector, courtesy of Gear Patrol.

Roman Coppola On The return of Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray's Style, And 70's Jack Nicholson

Director Roman Coppola

Yesterday, we sat down with writer and director Roman Coppola to talk about his new film, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III. This morning, he was nominated for an Oscar as a writer for the screenplay of Moonrise Kingdom, one of his many collaborations with Wes Anderson. Coincidence?

He shared his thoughts on everything from his musical inspirations and his favorite of the Godfather films to whatever the hell is going on with Jason Schwartzman's hair.»