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Candice Swanepoel Still Won’t Admit She’s Lost

  • Kempt Staff

Lovebirds: Bellerose is back with more of the same awkward ornithological lookbooking. [Esquire]

Velvet Fever: GQ spends a moment with Justin Bieber to dissect his leather-tank-topped, drop-crotched and studded-slippered getup at the AMAs. [GQ]

Gangsta Chap: Leave it to Put This On to dig up this video of a rapping dandy. [PTO]

Stone Cold: The blokes at Esky across the pond have got a sneak peek at some never-been-seen Rolling Stones photos from when they bunked up at that French villa. [Esquire UK]

23 Random Stones Photos Found at a Flea Market

This sort of shit never happens to us: 23 candid photos of the Rolling Stones on their 1965 American tour were recently discovered in an unmarked box at a Southern California estate sale.

As for our favorite of the bunch, it’s a toss-up between the above and this photo featuring a pensive 22-year-old Mick drinking a Bud Heavy in the foreground with a pensive, cummerbunded waiter reconsidering his career choice in the background. (Though it’s always a trip to see a youthful Keith still enveloped in unpunctured skin.)

Essentially, they’re the Instagram photos you wish you could take...»

Exile’s Return


Today marks the street date for the new reissue of the Stones’ Exile on Main Street, for our money the best blues-rock has to offer. The original album comes bundled with a slew of dropped tracks and other completist candy, but the big news is a handful of unfinished songs that the Glimmer Twins went back in the studio to finish up.

More importantly, they’re keeping the gloriously muddy mix intact. If you don’t have a copy of your own, now’s your chance to catch up.

Valentina Zelyaeva is Quitting Tomorrow


Lit Up: Italian magazines live in a completely different world from us. In a good way. [Velvet]

The Answer is Always Street Legal: A handy guide to navigating the catalog of Bob Dylan. We suggest focusing on the fertile decade of the 70s. [The Morning News]

The Exile Years: Mick and Keef reminisce on the recording of Exile on Main Street. Awesome stuff. [The Q]

Get Gone: Newsweek makes a pretty strong case for pissing off to foreign lands for a few years. [Newsweek]

Tiny is the New Black


Duty Calls: We try to stay up to date on the latest bikini trends. [Refinery29]

Drink Up: Your July 4th beer count does not, in fact, have anything to do with your increasing rotundity. [Slashfood]

Exiles: A few early 70s snaps of the Rolling Stones in action. (Subscribers only.) [WWD]

Geometry: Rubik (of the famous cube) has a new toy in the works. We’re predicting something in a tesseract. [TG Daily]

Georgia on my Mind

  • Jared Paul Stern


We've been under no illusions as to Mick Jagger's impressive fecundity, but we thought we'd seen all the gorgeous children the wrinkly Rolling Stone planned to crank out in this lifetime. Turns out we overlooked Georgia May, 16, his drop-dead daughter by legendary stunner Jerry Hall.

Georgia just made her modeling debut in the UK for the *Mail on Sunday*'s You magazine, and we think the girl's gonna go places. She's got the signature lippage, for one thing, and has obviously been practicing poppa's pout. And in case you're wondering what it's like having Mick as a dad, Georgie confesses to the mag, “He's not as cool as you'd think he'd be.”

Oh well.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Keith Richards

  • Jared Paul Stern


By now, you'd think someone else would have come along to usurp Keith Richards' as the archetype of sex, drugs and rock & roll style. As a group, the geriatric juggernaut that is the Rolling Stones seems a bit comic with their never-ending world touring, but while the rest of the band looks like they've traded hookers and blow for Depends and Metamucil, Keef keeps rocking on.

He's not carefully-maintained and certainly not well-preserved, but rather perfectly and stylishly weathered.

More Keef»

Keith's Regimen and Fashion's National Anthem


A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood: Please join us on March 20th by wearing a sweater in honor of Mr. Rogers, won't you? [AP]

Teenage Wasteland: Okay! Enough with the Cory Kennedy already. [Everyone, Everywhere]

Man of Letters: Original preppie king, Goldwater Conservative and trad icon William F. Buckley grabs a wing chair in that great club room in the sky. [Observer]

Theme Song: Remember Rock&Roll? Their new tribute to Milan Fashion week is called, "Coke Freaks and Fashion Whores." Sounds right to us. [WWD]

"You'll Never Go Wrong Dressing Plain and Dull": This only works when running for national office. Otherwise, feel free to dress like a Somali elder. [Chicago Tribune]

The Keith Richards Workout: "For me, doing a Rolling Stones show for two hours a night, that's enough f***in' exercise, you know? Then I've got to go to bed with the old lady, bonka bonka. You know?" We know, Keef. We know. [Digital Spy]

Simple Statutes: Oh, sorry, did we forget to post Esquire's New Laws of Casual Style? Here, let's fix that. [Esquire]

Stone Age

  • Jared Paul Stern


Back before they turned into the geriatric juggernaut that seems to be on a never-ending world tour, the Rolling Stones were the coolest rock band in the universe. In 1969, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the gang crisscrossed the country in support of their album *Beggar's Banquet*, culminating in the infamous free concert at Altamont in Northern California where Hell's Angels killed a member of the audience.

Photographer Ethan Russell was with them every step of the way »