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Timepiece Tuesday: Own Burt Reynolds’s Watches

  • Kempt Staff


It would seem that Burt Reynolds has decided to clear out his garage, possibly in order to pay for it—and the rest of his defaulted $15 million home in Florida—resulting in a real treasure trove of Hollywood memorabilia hitting the auction block next week.

An Emmy, a couple Golden Globes, a helmet from The Longest Yard and a few good-looking watches...

Yep, we sifted through Burt’s art, trophies and assorted ephemera to find five great timepieces that you could snag at auction prices.

Let’s take a look, shall we...»

Timepiece Tuesday: Philippe Cousteau’s Rolex Sea-Dweller

  • Kempt Staff


Today, one of the most important Rolex Sea-Dwellers ever is hitting the auction block: a 1967 Rolex Sea-Dweller owned by Philippe Cousteau.

Aside from the fact that it was the personal diving watch of Jacques Cousteau’s Serpico-of-the-sea son, Philippe, the timepiece itself is one of the earliest known examples of the Rolex Sea-Dweller.

Let’s take a closer look at the rare combination of provenance and stylishness that makes this watch so special...»

Timepiece Tuesday: President Eisenhower’s Rolex

  • Kempt Staff


There’s plenty of minutiae that watch collectors obsess over, making one Rolex worth exponentially more than a virtually identical one—like red lettering or depth ratings printed meters-first.

But this Rolex has nothing to do with all that, because it’s been owned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Which is about as fascinating as it gets when it comes to provenance. Let’s take a look...»

Timepiece Tuesday: Louis C.K.’s Rolex

  • Kempt Staff


Of all the deep thoughts Louie has left us pondering over the past four seasons, there’s one that’s bothered us most: what the heck is that watch he’s always wearing?

In every episode. In every scene. In the pool, even. We hadn’t pegged him for a watch guy, which led us to the assumption that he was wearing some off-brand diver. But we couldn’t have been more wrong. And it turns out that the story behind it was an even better discovery.

Naturally, it’s a funny one—involving Chris Rock and Tina Fey to boot...»

The Return of Our Watch Guy

  • Najib Benouar


It’s been a good while since we checked in with our vintage watch guy—everyone should have one—and from time to time we like to drop him a line to gauge the trade winds of the vintage market. But, more importantly, to see if he’s got anything especially spectacular hiding away in his big metal safe of curios at the moment.

Naturally, he did: a 1970s “Double Red” Rolex Sea-Dweller.

Chunky diving watches are still having a moment, yet most of the Rolexes you see out there are Submariners—this one’s a Sea-Dweller, which has a higher depth rating and a helium release valve that releases gas pressure at extreme depths. Though what really sets this timepiece apart from the ones you’ll find on #menswear wrists everywhere is the badge. Sure, it’s just two lines of red print, but it’s a rarity that watch aficionados look for and will pay dearly for (upwards of 20 grand).

If that includes you, as always, get in touch and we’ll let our watch guy know.