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The Blogger Look


The band t-shirt has been a staple of our casual wardrobe for a while—really, ever since that one Deerhoof show—but that’s because rock stars are cool. Bloggers, not so much.

But as in many things, Andrew Sullivan is the exception. The combination of an awesome beard and a balanced understanding of new media make him the closest our tribe has to a rock star, so he’s teamed up with the nautical experts (and Provincetown residents) at Rogues Gallery for a trio of screenprinted tees.

Think of them as a stylish, subtle way of saying, “I’m honest enough to admit my own mistakes” or “I like looking out of windows.” It should occupy the same place in your wardrobe as the concert tee—but instead of a few hours of great music, you’ll be commemorating one of the stranger collaborations in menswear.

Having said that: if anyone wants to collaborate with us on a line of branded suspenders, we’re not hard to find.

Ileana Bernardini is Just Warming Up

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On the Floor


We never would have pegged Rogues Gallery as a furniture brand in the making…but it’s a better fit than we expected. These treated canvas floor coverings take after naval flags, but they’re large enough to cover the back porches of the world pretty handily—and since they’re built to be seaworthy, rain and snow shouldn’t put much of a dent in them. At the moment, you can only find them at John Derian or their RG shop in Provincetown, but they should be coming to eCommerce before too long. Hopefully your deck can survive until then.

Trend of the Day: The Corduroy Short


We spent the last few days surveying a mind-boggling number of Summer ’11 collections at the Capsule and ENK shows, and the biggest trend to emerge out of the muddle may have been corduroy shorts. We ran across pairs from Rogues Gallery (pictured), Lightning Bolt, and even the cotton tie-makers at Camo. If you’re wondering what it they look like in person, you can pick one up from L. L. Bean’s Signature Collection. In other words…they’re everywhere.

We’ll confess to being a bit puzzled by all this, and not just because L. L. Bean managed to be the first out of the gate. In heat like this, the last thing we want is some stifling cords—but we’d probably feel differently if we did more sailing.

The Watery Part of the World


If you’re busy designing clothes all day, it can be hard to keep up your nautical cred. Which is why it pays to make friends with a nature writer or two.

The fine folks at Rogues Gallery have brought the British writer Philip Hoare on as their “foreign correspondent,” stocked his most recent tome on whales and printed a set of whale-themed tees to match the occasion.

By all accounts, it’s quite a book and bringing him in to talk is the kind of polymath move that got Opening Ceremony where it is. We just hope Hoare doesn’t tempt any impressionable youths into the whaling life.

Ready and Able


Rogues Gallery just put this season's fall/winter gear for sale online and, as you may have guessed from the lookbooks, it’s pretty good stuff.

Their take on the button-down already has us preparing for a nautical life, but our favorite item might be this unstructured cotton jacket. Unlike a fair number of its counterparts, it looks rugged enough to spend a few hours in a cabin-bound suitcase and emerge in wearable condition. Of course, those rough seams are getting to be an RG trademark, but this might be the best use of them we’ve seen so far.

Chloe Sevigny is a Woman of Many Moods


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Out to the Ballgame


Little-brother brands usually specialize in cheaper, simpler versions of the flagship brand’s gear. But Rogues Gallery’s kid brother Never Sleep is starting to have a few adventures of its own.

This baseball jacket from Never Sleep is the kind of item we like best: an Americana-soaked classic given a new cut and a new color scheme to pull it into modern times. In this case, that means a high school staple that can suddenly stand alongside the more adventurous shackets in your closet. Granted, the logo over the back is a little younger and more punk than we’re used to from RG…but what else are little brothers for?

Hard Rain


We’ve always been advocates of functional style, but we never thought it would go as far as bringing rain pants into a major collection. But Rogues Gallery has always had a few surprises up their sleeve.

This slicker pant popped up in the Maine-based marque’s latest spread of Fall images underneath a significantly less rugged check overcoat. The pants are indisputably fishermen’s gear—like the wellies, which we were glad to see—but somehow this was one item we didn’t think would cross over. Then again, by the time the fall rains pick up we may have come around on the pants.

All Summer Long


We snuck in for an exclusive peek at Rogues Gallery’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and the words “more of the same” have never sounded so sweet. The biggest surprise is the madras suit, which looks like it would be more at home at the fairgrounds than a fishing boat, but the rest of the gear shows off the same faded, loose-knit, maritime, worn-in vibe that’s made Rogues a favorite. Some pics after the jump of their new Fair Isle sweaters, t shirt goodness and a showstopping cotton navy sweater.

Take a look at the gear»

On the Chain


Speaking of button-ups, this gray linen version just came down the transom as part of Rogues Gallery’s Spring ’09 collection, as part of a new Gitman-inspired run of short-sleeved button-ups. It’s not as seaworthy as the RG gear you might be used to, but these days we’re more concerned about beach-readiness anyway.

The trinket dangling on the model’s chest is also part of the collection, which goes some of the way to explain why he’s so unbuttoned. We’d recommend a more restrained take ourselves…unless you’re feeling Fabio-esque.

One Eye Open


There are remarkably few brands that can accommodate a zombie-themed collection…so it’s probably best to give the more Romero-esque designs their own label.

Rogues Gallery’s Alex Carlton has apparently been nursing an appreciation for the undead for quite some time. Carlton just debuted Never Sleep as a sister brand to Rogues Gallery with a less nautical, more brain-seeking vibe. And for the more subtle aficionados, there’s a whole string of blazers and jackets in an undead-friendly black.